Went to watch Hairspray today, yay! Was pretty happy that I got to do it alone. Ah, let's face it, I really want to be left alone these days. Anyway, the movie came after a disastrous 2 hours in which I felt like a failure. I hate that, I hate feeling that I fail. I pretty much did though and somehow I was kinda really down and sad and I'm glad I went to watch Hairspray because it was so entertaining that I had lotsa fun. If I can only sum the movie in 1 word, that would be FUN. I love it so much. Just a few minutes into the movie I was already thinking this movie was such fun. I think being in a musical is really fun.

So what is the movie about? Last week when Gascoigne asked me that, I said that it was about a fat kid who wanted to dance. There's actually so much more than that. There's bigger issue being highlighted in the movie, which was the segregation between the white Americans and the black African American in the 1960s. I think that issue was told quite well in the movie. Of course the fat kid issue trying to make it in a world where appearance matter also played a part in the movie, as well as the love stories between some of the characters.

Now let's talk about the actors and actresses. You have to applaud John Travolta. I don't think he actually sang well, but man! to be able to play a woman who had some social issue, he was really good. They made a big deal out of his character when it first appeared, showing his leg (which was obviously shaven) and his whole physical self. As I said, I don't think he sang well, but man he really can dance. So amusing to watch. The main role went to Nikki Blonsky who got the role through audition and I do have to say that she had such a presence. I think she was a good singer and fit the role of Tracy Turnblad so amazingly well. On other actors and actresses, I think James Marsden (cyclops in X-men) was just forever cool. Queen Latifah was as usual had a commanding presence on the screen, a good powerful voice as well. Amanda Bynes, Zac Efron (I have to say he is musically pretty talented), and Elijah Kelley were all pretty fun to watch. I really didn't like Michelle Pfeiffer's character, so I suppose she must have played the antagonist part pretty well to make me really hate her. I think the cast was really good, everyone was really really nice to watch. The songs and dancing were pretty nice and cool. I'm so gonna find the songs. So this along with Ratatouille are truly recommended. Go and watch it peeps!

... 'cause you can't stop the motion of the ocean or the sun in the sky ...

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