Where to Get Your Potter

People may say I am nuts for writing about this but ah, it's just so inside me so let me just get it out. I've finally bought my Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Bought the orange Scholastic one and oh I just think it's oh so beautiful!!! Got it in Borders because Borders is the only place in Singapore that sells Scholastic US edition of Harry Potter. The price was a whooping S$ 62.95, compared to the Bloomsbury (UK edition) that Borders sell for S$ 42.05. That's like 20 dollars more. Now, I do must say that Borders sell the cheapest Potter book, so if you want to get it (though I think you must have owned it by now), get it in Borders because Kinokuniya is selling it at around S$ 53 (if I'm not mistaken), which I think is the actual retail price (I think Times book store also selling it at that price). Popular in Orchard is selling it at around S$ 48 though, because they have some discount going on. I do wonder if the reason that Borders can sell the Bloomsbury one in such a cheap price is because they set such a high price for their Scholastic books, knowing that they're the only place that sell it.

Anyway, yes that's all that I want to rant about. There's a sense of happiness and satisfaction when I bought my Potter though I'm not able to read it anytime soon. Kinda wished they had put in the the I've got my Harry Potter at Borders orange paper bag, but I had to settle with their normal black plastic bag. I also didn't get any balloons, not that I wanted it, but I just felt the black and orange balloons were pretty cute when I saw them on Saturday.

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