The Transformer Entry

Alrighty, let's write the Transformer entry since Ms. Kiera actually bothered to drop by here and hear my say. Believe it or not, I actually wasn't interested in watching it. In the end, after being bombarded by the trailer, I decided that I should go and watch it. Actually the "tagline" A Michael Bay Film is the one which managed to persuade me best. Yes, don't you think that that line is more apt to be said as the tagline than the other official taglines?

So, went to watch the Transformer yesterday with La Gioia, NanSee, Gascoigne, and Jase (nickname given by Gascoigne). Jase was actually watching it for the 2nd time. He's such a youngster. The first time we exchanged each other's ages, I seriously felt old. I should begin with telling what this youngster brought us into. He took 3 adults to a haunted house. Apparently there's a haunted house near Orchard Cineleisure. At first, I was quite interested but after a walk which was quite long, I echoed what Gascoigne said, that I couldn't believe we 3 adults actually followed this youngster to see a haunted house. I think if one want to bring anyone to a haunted house, one shouldn't say we are going to a haunted house. Saying that will just make the people nervous and lose courage. The whole introduction at the beginning made me and La Gioia not keen in exploring further, I would say that Gascoigne felt the same but he would probably deny it. Anyway, so yeah, we didn't really go inside the real haunted house, we went inside the other abandoned house where according to Jase a lady burned herself to dead. Didn't see anything. Felt rather weird and I did say a prayer, but it's not because of the aura of the place, but because as I said earlier, the introductory story from Jase made me rather nervous. All in all, we saw nothing and nothing happened. However there was something that happened last night after I got home that did make me wonder a bit if "something" was bugging me. However, no harm done, so I guess I was just being dramatic.

Okay, back to Transformer. I must say that it was a really good movie. The effect was amazing of course, however I felt that the action scenes were too fast that sometime you couldn't see what's going on clearly. I wonder if it had been slightly slower we could see some bad effect, hence they made it so much faster to hide all the imperfectness. Love the robots and really love how they had so much characters, very good script by the writer. The cast were great. Shia LaBeouf was really good but he wasn't the only one who were comical. I must say some of the characters were really interesting and their lines were just great, witty, and comical. I felt the music was really used to build up the emotion of the movie. Some of the comical moments were just straight off plain comical. No brainer there, just laugh at the moment.

Then, perhaps it's just me with my short attention span or perhaps it was rather late (for my brain to function) that on the second half of the movie when they started to find out about the history of these robots and started fighting, I was losing interest. I thought the ending was rather illogical, but apparently I was the only who felt that way All in all, I think it was a totally cool movie, I would say it was better than Spider-man 3, Fantastic 4 (obviously) and sadly Pirates 3. So far, it's perhaps the best summer movie I watched this year. Let's see how Potter gonna fair.

On other news. Finished packing my bag and I'm ready to go (I guess). Wasn't really excited during packing (I'm in a rather gloomy mood). I guess I'm not one who can pack, or just one who are fussy about things, that I ended up with a big bag. So much bigger than necessary. Better safe than sorry?

Life has been ... it should be a nice one, a good one, however been feeling rather anti-social these days. I got an email from the Mr and Vivy last weekend and they made me laugh. Miss them so much and I miss my mother so much as well. Mom and dad are on holiday. Even though I don't live with my mom, I still miss her. We send sms to each other everyday and not getting any word from her just feels so lonely. Funny how you can be so used to something and when it is not there, the emptiness is pretty significant. Anyway, the Mr is perhaps having the most surreal days of his life yet, hence no reply from him. I miss him. I miss him more today because I think he can understand what I am feeling. I miss the other Mr as well because I can imagine him saying things like I'm a strong and capable person, and things will be alright.

As I made my way home today, I just felt so sad, feel like crying kinda sad. I felt the sadness balled up inside of me and I thought it could just burst and I wanted to just call someone and pour my sadness. I didn't. I didn't cry, I didn't call anyone. I don't think anyone can understand. I also felt tired thinking that I have to recount what made sad *sigh*

I decided that I'm not gonna do my il Gattopardo summary. Felt guilty about it but my priority is just on Harry Potter now. Been spending much time reading the book like I'm gonna have an exam on it. Finished The Half Blood Prince and so I am now rushing to finish The Order of the Phoenix. That being on top of my list kinda kicks everything else, things with more importance perhaps. It's so hard, to do the right thing, to be responsible. It takes lots of efforts and time and energy and I just want to let go. But I hate letting go, because letting go means losing, admitting defeat and I don't want to surrender. Of course there's always that voice that say why bother? I guess because I am me. I guess because I'm a moron? *sigh* I want to go home.

PS: oh yeah, the French are back. Haven't seen much of them but saw them when they arrived and Chloe straight off pointed at me and say "caca!". Yeah she had a blast saying that.

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