Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Review coming up, but bear with me with a few boring details. I am so tired as I am writing this. Was supposed to do something but then I got back to my room quite late and I had to do some ironing (the chore that I hate the most) and so I'm just very very tired now. Today I have quite a full day. Started it early and I spent around 12 hours out doing a few things here and there. Morning engagement was rather difficult because my mind wasn't there. I was quite sleepy and lazy but Carl as usual did provide laughter and I realized that I really love spending time with all of them. There was talk about the next one and as much as I don't want a break, I think it is perhaps better for all of us because obviously I'm getting lazy, I start to reject a few things, and I do want to sleep more.

Afterwards to the post office I went and I think I was a bit rude to the lady who I felt didn't handle me well enough. Then the other lady came to serve me and she was so nice, I felt rather bad. I hope the package reach home safely. All I can say is "Becoming the nicest sister is expensive". Why I did it then? Well I just have my moments when I just feel like doing something out of the blue, like buying 9 ice creams. Then it was Harry Potter with the circle of trust (review is coming, wait for it). After the movie, we went for lunch and then Cheeky Monkey had to leave us and meet his cousin, so it's the girls accompanying Vinny in spending his birthday fund. He bought something which I hope he really likes, because I really like the thing that I bought with my birthday fund. After the shopping spree, it was dessert time, with talk that involved booze, clubs, and a crazy cake. Let's see if they manage to come near in intoxicating me and the flyingNun Okay, so that's the boring details. Let's go with the review. Oh wait, I should say that I didn't manage to finish the book before I watched the movie. Mimi (not her preferred spelling) actually tried to reach me this week and she succeeded in calling me, just to tell me not to read the book. She said I was going to be disappointed because the movie took out a lot of things from the book and she was disappointed with it. Her call was really amusing and brightened my day 'cause I got to laugh a bit that day

I must say, speaking from outside the book point of view, I think the movie was quite well made. I think its story was not bad. However from the book point of view, obviously they had to take out a lot of parts but I think some of the parts that they took out were quite a good choice. Of course there's a few disappointment, like how with the so many characters there, none of them really have the chance to stand out, like Snape, Ron, Neville, Hermione, Kreacher (in order of which I think they should play more role). Take Snape for example, how many scenes he actually got. Even the scene which showed Harry's dad was actually a bully who tormented Snape, it was not featured long enough to give an emphasis that Snape had every reason to dislike the Potter and how badly treated he was. Then there's Ron and Hermione who were just the best friends there whose contribution to the whole adventure were not visible. Neville should have had more limelight in this movie if we followed the book, but he didn't get much air time. Kreacher the elf didn't have lines or story that emphasized his role in the whole plot. Then I felt the climax can be so much better. It just wasn't exciting enough. The fighting scenes were short and I felt it should have been longer and highlighted how Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna, and Ginny really helped. The way Sirius died was also rather a disappointment for me. I think he deserved a better glorious send off. The Dumbledore and Voldermort fight was rather interesting but not really super cool.

A few things worth noted though. I'm glad that the Weasley's twin farewell did get some air time and it was crafted quite well, though I wish it could be bigger and better. There were a lot of things being written about this movie and many critics pointed out how Umbridge was nicely played by Imelda Staunton. Yes she was annoying and the smile and the voice and the way she spoke slowly did make you dislike her but of all the new cast, I was particularly amused with the girl who played Luna Lovegood. She didn't appear as nutty as the book depicted her, but her air of strangeness was totally apparent and I personally like how her voice and the way she spoke did sound dreamy just like the book described her. On other characters, I still love Ron. Emma Watson is getting prettier but I think her Hermione is a bit unnatural because she often says her lines in so much seriousness that it does seem like she is acting rather than watching Hermione talking. I love the Weasley twin because they're always a good watch. I don't really like Dumbledore though, because I think he wasn't pictured as wise and as patient as I imagine him to be. Ah, I guess I picture so many of these characters when I read the book that when the movie's character is different from what I imagine, I felt rather disappointed. I almost forget, I have to mention Helena Bonham Carter because her Bellatrix Lestrange (though her scenes were not much) was just freaky, manic, and plain scary. She's really good. I think she's scarier than Voldermort actually Okay, I'm tired, I need to get some sleep.

The Rebellion Begins

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