Shrek the Third

Yep, another sequel (or is it triquel?) that I got to watch yesterday. It was pretty much an all-girls day yesterday. Morning engagement as usual (more about that later). Then lunch with Ms. J, in which updates were given and confession was made. Ms. J was encouraging, however there's always that one huge HOWEVER. Afterwards movie with NanSee, La Gioia, and yMaggio. I quite like Shrek the Third. Somehow I felt that Artie (voiced by Justin Timberlake) was quite attractive. Story wise, I think it was okay, not bad. There were many funny lines, like with pinocchio. I think the ladies took more charge this time around. The graphics were totally awesome and freaking cool and the setting for Prince Charming's musical was just beautiful, breath taking. I think it was a good entertaining watch.

After the movie, I had my dinner, so that was like 2 heavy meals in less that 4 hours. I really mean it when I said heavy. I didn't care, I was just being practical about it.

Morning engagement was interesting to say the least. Sabrina è in cinta così adesso abbiamo Anna Maria. Veramente spero che sarebbe Sabrina B. Anyways, there's a new character in our midst. I would have never expected him to be joining us. I couldn't resist writing to Carl "He's strange". I heard some got freaked out with him Everyone has a good reason to. Carl's expression was so funny when we abandoned her. However, we did have a lot of laughters because of him and I can imagine doing more of that in the future. It is very bad of me because when he came I was thinking my oh my, do I really need to encounter another strange person. Then, I remember all the strange people I've met make me a few other people giggle and bitch in delight (yes, we will burn in hell). What I'm trying to say is sometime these people do make for such an entertainment. Ah, I am really bad.

Wednesday night, I had dinner with a few people. I've got a good badgering for a "he" and to my luck the next morning Jenny did the same. All I can say to these people is "Vaffanculo!".

Been having a mini hell week, which will culminate in the next few days. I say mini because it's really nothing compared to what I've experienced before, but perhaps it's because I'm getting it easier this time around. Anyways, it still managed to bring me a bad dream and occupied my weekends and I am still nervous because I feel like I have to walk on water.

Talking about sleep, I had quite a long nap today, just didn't feel like waking up. However, there were dreams and I hate the dreams. I hate the dreams!!! Especially since some of them felt so real and so wrong

The Mr. finally called it quit and it broke my heart. I don't know why. I mean he's been gone for some time. When he left, I didn't miss him. Now when it's just official and legal (or formality as he said), I just feel so sad. I don't know if it's because I just feel so alone? I wrote him a nice reference, well it's not too difficult to do because it was pretty much facts, unlike the ones he wrote. I should wish him the best perhaps. I guess to relieve my grief, he should really fedex the latest Harry Potter US Kids edition to the park when it's out. So looking forward for it.

On other things to tell? Well, not much really. Perhaps there are much, but I don't feel like writing it. On the vague and relative front, well my feeling just fluctuate all over the chart and I don't like that. I think I want better things and I just feel what's been given to me is just not enough. I don't want to understand, I want to be understood, as selfish as it may sound.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl is on TV now and gosh! How I love Captain Jack Sparrow!

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