Off Course

Don't really feel like writing much, so here you go.

- Movie of the week was Fantastic Four - Rise of the Silver Surfer with NanSee. Not one movie that I was interested in watching actually but since I watched the first one and there's so much hype about it, so off we went. I think it's an okay movie. Pretty much went along in the first movie type. It didn't try to be brainy. It just tried to be fun and funny perhaps? A typical superheroes movie. Chris Evans as the torch deserved a mentioning for being so gorgeous Well, that's pretty much my take on the movie.

- This week has been alright I suppose. Did something which got me quite anxious the previous week and something good is perhaps on the horizon for me, but along with it there are some things required of me, which I'm not sure how I'm gonna fair. Thinking about it got me to the title of the post above. I do really feel like I am off course. It's not how I planned or saw it or perhaps wanted it, but here I am and maybe I should remember that If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it. I hope so, I hope this is within His plan.

- Detox is so much easier done at home in Jakarta than here but as it goes I've kinda realized what I like and come back to what I know and I'm comfortable with. I really need my space and my independent self, and ...

- This week I realize, I will always love certain people. Ah! using 'always' makes it a stupid statement because things could happen and your friend may end up not your friend anymore, but for now I do love certain people and I love how they are so nice to me and care so much. On Tuesday I got 3 bah-chang from 3 people and I was pretty much touched

- Contradictory, I dislike certain people currently. Oh my gosh, how I cannot stand some of the these people's stupid antics. Part of my horoscope prediction today said "Being nice can be a hindrance, especially if it prevents you from living the life you're supposed to live". Yes, I just want to shout "Non me ne frega niente!". I am just tired, I need me and so this quiet weekend, I'm gonna have. I need me!!! I need someone who can listen to me and give logical answers, hence ...

- I miss Vivy and the Mr. Not that the Mr always spouts logical sentences. He has his silly moments but he can be pretty wise as well. Vivy is back as she had mentioned and from the look of it, the Gates barbecue seemed pretty interesting. Can't wait to hear the story.

- Currently reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and how I have forgotten many parts of the story. Really need to finish this one fast and try to do my revision on The Order of Phoenix. I should have told you days ago but I kept on forgetting, I've finished Like the Flowing River by Paulo Coelho. Many interesting short stories and in his usual styles. He does try to share his life experience and wisdom and view on life to his readers. Quite an interesting read.

Alright, gonna start my quiet little weekend. I think I'm gonna get sick actually. The throat is aching and yes I'm certain I'm gonna get sick (if I'm not already am). Things are going back to a full swing real soon. So not looking forward for it. On other news, aaah Thierry Henry is moving to Barcelona. Like the song, nothing lasts forever, I suppose. Barcelona is not a bad team anyway, so good for him.

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