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Sometimes I do wonder why I blog, reporting the movies I watch, the things I do. It's like so unimportant, but somehow it has become what it is. If only I have more intelligent things to say, something that will get you thinking. However, I don't. It's kinda sadden me though to think that it is possible that I have nothing in my head. Hmmm ... let's move on. So again, these are all the unimportant facts of the things I went through this week.

- Went to the zoo on Wednesday. Pictures will come below. I went to the Singapore Zoo more times than any other attraction places in Singapore. I think I have gone there 4 times and to the night safari 2 times. Though I have gone there many times, I still think I haven't explored all the places in the zoo. Out of the 4 times I went, 2 of which were on a little different situation and Wednesday's trip fell on that category. The Singapore Zoo is of course totally cool. I think I've only gone to the Jakarta zoo once. I can't remember it but there was a picture. So yeah, the only zoo I've known of is pretty much the Singapore Zoo and I have nothing else to compare it with. I can't really say which Zoo trip was my favorite but the best night safari trip was definitely with Roy and Renny. It was really fun. Anyways, yeah, so that was Wednesday.

- So that Wednesday after the Zoo trip, I was smelly, sticky and all and I decided to just go home instead of the initial plan of catching a movie alone. In the end I watched Nuovo Cinema Paradiso or simply known as Cinema Paradiso in my computer. Gascoigne got me this movie and the reason I wanted it because I heard so much about it and I think I should really watch it. This movie is an Italian movie in case you can't guess from the title and it won Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 1989. Quite a nice movie. The pace felt rather slow perhaps at times but I found it to be quite tranquil. The music just made it so beautiful. The music reminded me of Il Postino actually. It just made the movie so much more beautiful. Didn't cry watching it though it did feel quite moving. Beautiful is what I can say about the movie and Carl era giusto. Il bambino era carino, molto carino. The little boy was just so adorable. I don't really feel like writing what the movie is about, but I do recommend this movie if you feel like watching something different. If you know me and want the movie, just give me a call. I have the subtitle as well. Veramente ho voluto guardare con sottotitolo italiano ma no ho capito bene. Ah, sono stupido. Così alla fine ho guardato con sottotitolo inglese.

- On Thursday, La Gioia suddenly asked me if I wanted to watch Hula Girls which is a Japanese movie which I was interested in. So as usual, I'm not one who can turn down a movie offer, so we went to watch it with NanSee. I was jokingly telling them that NanSee may fall asleep watching the movie but it was such an entertaining movie that we really enjoyed it. It was really nice. There were funny moments (we had a good laugh) and you know how Japanese dramas can be so moving and make people cry, well this movie also had its moving moments but again I didn't cry. Well, maybe I did drop 1 tear (left and right eye combined). The story was good and it was actually based on a real event. The dancing was great. The girls were not straight off pretty, but when they danced, especially the teacher and the main girl lead, they just turned so beautiful and I like it about them. I think it is still showing in the Picture House, so if you want to watch something different, go and watch this one. The guys may feel that this one is rather too chick flick, but it is still a nice movie to watch. Again, so sorry for not writing a summary about what the movie is about.

- On life, not much happening. Well there's this and that which I choose not to think about. It may seem like running away and be in denial, but I just don't want to think about all of it because then I'll get scared and I'll get stressed out. Though I must say that perhaps I haven't stressed myself enough and whipped my lazy ass to move faster *sigh* Sometime I wonder why I feel bad when I slow down. You can't always move fast, you will burn out but I feel rather guilty now because I feel like I'm slowing down. You're an idiot, Eka!

- Oh on life, I just remembered, my cousin sent me an sms this morning. Our dear friend's dad passed away. Ah ... feel silly now thinking of all the things that I wanted to write. So I'm gonna stop right now.

As promised, pictures from the zoo. Miss Eka was rather dumb that she couldn't really take nice pictures. So many blur ones. So these come in small sizes, so that you can't notice the blurriness and of course photoshop enhanced and cropped. Take care peeps.

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