Ah! OCEAN'S THIRTEEN, I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! though I had the strangest and unluckiest experience in watching it. I don't know why, maybe the heaven is so against me. Anyone needs a friend to watch it with, call me okay! Looking at my Ocean's 12 post, I actually watched it 2 times, one of it was when I went back home to Jakarta. So seriously people, if you want a friend to watch Ocean's 13, call me!

I love all the Ocean's movies. I was seriously amused and amazed with the first one. I thought it was extremely smart and I'm happy that I got to watch it again recently on tv, it helped a lot in appreciating Ocean's 13 more. Of course as you may have known in this latest installment, there's no Julia Roberts (what a shame) and no Catherine Zeta Jones (don't really miss her) but we got Oprah Ah, I really really really love this movie. Interesting plots, smart scheme as usual. The amazing actors, from George to Brad, Casey Affleck, Andy Garcia, Al Pacino, and Don Cheadle. They are just so captivating! For the exception of Casey Affleck, whom I loved because of his interesting character, the actors mentioned above just have such a charisma, and I need to include Ellen Barkin there as well. Let's just say all are awesome. A very nice and cool ensemble of casts. The witty lines were a plenty. The little knick and knack of each of the characters made a good laugh, like Pitt's ring tone, Don Cheadle's poetic expression, Matt Damon's eagerness to prove himself smart (oh the nose!!!), Carl Reiner's way of getting into "character", to Shaobo Qin's ability to only speak Chinese (somehow everyone understood him while I could only understand bits and pieces)

George Clooney and Brad Pitt had many on screen times together and some of their unimportant conversations (though meaningless they may be for the audience) were amusing. I think it's because it makes them appear to be such cool guys for being able to still talk about other stuffs despite of their "big project" and at the same time still managed to appear ordinary for talking about trivial stuff. Let me give you an example of a piece of their conversation, George was telling Brad's characters to settle down and have some kids, which of course given the real situation is rather a funny thing to hear. I think I should mention that George Clooney seemed to be rather skinny in this movie. Andy Garcia was really good playing Terry Benedict. Ellen Barkin was also good in her role. I'm not so sure about Al Pacino's physical appearance in this movie, I don't know what's wrong, maybe the hair. I think he was okay. Last but not least, Oprah's appearance made such a laugh, it was hilarious. Even if not for the story, lines, and plots, this movie is really cool because it is filled with many influential people in Hollywood. Let me just say one last time that the movie is awesome and smart and I urge all of you to go and watch it.

Managed to have some talk with the Mr. last night. It's been a while since we did that. He kinda worried me with his strong belief to Darwin and such. He's assuming a new role real soon and I feel some God will do him good. I don't know if I worried him though, but I guess he thinks I'm rather unlucky or I can do better.

Managed to talk to the flyingNun a bit as well. She's in Paris and she missed home! Cretina! Sono molto gelosa. Lei va in Italia a Domenica, ah sono molto molto gelosa!

Was planning to spend tonight finishing certain things, but I got kinda lazy. So far, I've only managed to fill in something which I thought I would never have to do anymore. See, never say never. I wonder if God will punish me severely for not being able to keep my new year's resolution which I made in church with all earnestness in asking God to help me be strong in carrying out the plan.

This week, I still didn't manage to get away with all the relationship talks from the people I know. One time I was sitting next to Ms. Mun in the middle of such conversation. Ms. Mun said I should open a "Dear Eka column". It hit me that perhaps all these stories from all these people are the ones making me skeptical about love, relationship, and all. However, the Indonesians seem not having any doubts about it. Got another news this week that a high school friend is getting married with his girlfriend of 5 years. It would be the weekend before Ayu's wedding. That kinda tempts me to go home and go to their weddings but it will be rather difficult for me to plan. Anyways, so they're around my age and I just can't get how they can be so sure about it, maybe it's the air there

Today had lunch with NanSee. Gosh, I feel I should be more frugal. Anyways, I hope she will feel okay real soon. I can't say that I understand because I've never experienced such things, however I can more or less figure out how it feels. It will eventually pass, I am giving it 3 months. She asked how come I'm so able of being alone. I guess the never existence of someone whom I rely a lot do help me to be able to stand on my own. Of course if such person should come, it would throw me off balance and when such person should go, I would also have a meltdown. Another thing is that, I just have other things that I want deeply and as I have mentioned a "he" is not really on the top list.

Morning engagement was rather fun. To think I wanted to skip it last night. I guess I've just been feeling rather uninterested with it and getting tired with the routine but this morning it was really fun and I had lots of laugh. Carl was totally hilarious. I guess she just really knows who she is and she's comfortable with who she is and as such she can do silly things because other people's opinion does not really affect her much and that what makes her cool. She really made us laugh. Song of the day was about the angel of death who was over the butcher, who killed the bull, who drank the water, which put off the fire, which burned the stick, which beat the dog, who bit the cat, who ate the mice, that my father bought at a fair market in the east. Prabh liked this song so much and I thought he was kidding. Kinda surprising for someone whose taste includes pearl jam, nirvana, and greenday.

Okay, better go now and clear some stuff. Take care peeps.

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