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Went to watch Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End alone today. So happy about it. Actually there's a plan to watch it with some people tonight but apparently the whole of Singapore are thinking the same thing, so the slots that we wanted in the different cinemas that we tried were pretty much full. Lucky me, I had quite a flexible hour today and so I got to watch the digital one, at the grand Cathay, at S$7! So happy. Been spending too much money these days and I just felt so happy that I was able to watch it at one of my favorite cinema (currently) on a weekday price. Another happy thing was the fact that I got to do it alone! Just felt tranquil and in peace on my way home. A "he" perhaps would be nice, but today I just feel so happy being with me. You can borrow Captain Jack Sparrow's lines "Keep telling yourself that, darling" and throw it at me

Let's talk about the movie. Well, perhaps you have read in many places that the critics are saying that the movie is messy and the story is complicated. I have to rather agree with them. I think starting from the 2nd Pirates movie, the story just didn't really have that much kick in wittiness and interesting twists anymore. I guess the first Pirates was just really unexpected. It had a simple story and there were interesting twist and the witty lines from Jack Sparrow just made people (girls and guys alike) all over the world fell for Johnny Depp, because he's so freaking cool. The 2nd movie focused more on other things like for example: Will Turner's father story and things just became more serious(?) I think perhaps the best moment from the 2nd movie was when Jack Sparrow was the tribal chief, and he had to be sacrificed. I remember there were lots of laughter there.

Were there much laughter in the 3rd installment? No is the answer and perhaps this what made the movie may not be as entertaining as the others and fell really short from the 1st movie. The movie started with the scene in Singapore and was it like Singapore in the old days? I'm not so sure. The story became so complex of who betraying who, who was being sneaky, who wanted what, who did what. I guess in the end, people just stopped trying to follow the story and understand the whole thing. For me, I just sat there and watched all the actions that follow, knowing that the good guy (this means Jack Sparrow) would win In this latest movie, there's an additional love story which was quite predicted for me and quite easy to follow. I actually quite liked Tia Dalma from the 2nd movie but in this one, well she grew bigger and exploded and that was kinda too strange for me. I think her story and Davy Jones' was not really resolved well.

The writers may know that the people love Jack Sparrow so much that they made many of him in this one, but that wasn't that entertaining. I guess with the complex story there's perhaps a need to use many Jack Sparrow to say his thoughts out loud because if not things would get even more confusing. However I can't say that it helped much. Elizabeth and Will Turner's story was, ah those 2 were getting more annoying. Somehow I just felt their characters' developments were just to give them more screen time, especially in Kiera Knightley's case and geez that's not really interesting at all. Will Turner as a fierce pirate just didn't fly with me. I didn't really know who Keith Richards is, whom Johnny Depp were said to be used as inspiration to create Jack Sparrow. So when this guy appeared as Jack Sparrow's father, well that didn't really give much impression. Jack Sparrow's expression at that time were more amusing rather than the presence of this guy. There were just too many this and that which made this movie rather not exciting.

Overall, I would still say that the movie is entertaining. I will say all the Pirates installment are entertaining in respect to the awesome first movie and Johnny Depp's amazing Jack Sparrow. This movie, despite of the complexity and some stupid scenes (Hello!!! the scene of the bad guy walking amongst flying debris before finally got exploded was just rather too unnecessarily dramatic) did have nice special effects and cool fighting scenes. The writers are perhaps original at some point, like the rock crabs. Unfortunately, that's pretty much that stick in my head. I can't really point out any other interesting facts. So do I recommend Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End? Well if you have watched the 1st and the 2nd one, then you should. If you did not, then this perhaps may come boring for you.

Oh despite all, I just LOVE Captain Jack Sparrow. Man oh man! I love him!

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