My Wrong Decisions This Week

- Should not have eaten McDonalds for dinner on Monday, knowing that my throat hurt. That I did, add an ice cream cone to that.

- Should have taken the antibiotic on Monday night since I was in so much pain. That I didn't.

- Should not have gone out on Tuesday. That I did.

- Should have rested on Wednesday. That I didn't.

- Should have rested on Thursday. That I didn't.

- Should have marched on, on Friday (because I wasn't actually dying). That I didn't.

That's one wrong decision after another. In which at any point, I could have made a right one and not having it culminated to a real mess. I felt guilty. Somehow I felt I shouldn't be, because I can be selfish once a while? I don't know. Have so many things to say, in so many languages, but this week, I'm just gonna keep it short. Statemmi bene, tutti!

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