The Attention Span of a Goldfish

Question: How long is the attention span of a goldfish?

I wiki-ed it out and found this. May not answer the question, but I found it interesting.

Gonna write this in points, simply because then I am allowed to jump into random things without the need to maintain continuity.

- It is damn hot right now! Aaarrghh...

- Am much better now but did experience complication with a cough medicine I took. That caused me to take another drug to "fix" it. La Gioia said maybe I should stop taking all the different drugs. So I did that. Drug free yesterday and still haven't taken anything now. The cough seems to be reducing greatly but I think I still need to take the drugs.

- I remember the Mr telling me that he went to watch Spider-man with his nephew and his nephew got bored with all the talking and just wanted to see all the swinging action. I wonder what his take (the nephew I mean) on Spider-man 3. To be honest, I wasn't that excited about watching the latest movie but then Vivy reminded me long before the release and so by default we were planning to watch it together then she has the whole family situation (which fortunately is so much better than the initial diagnose) and as such we couldn't watch it together. Then ...

- NanSee called me out on Thursday and asked me to watch it together on Friday night. So arrangement was made, people were invited and tickets were booked and she couldn't make it!!! It's not her fault but I still wanted to scream. Luckily La Gioia was willing to take her place because she dozed off on several scenes when she went to watch it last week. So it was me, La Gioia, Gascoigne (because I did say I would treat him a movie) and yMaggio (Gascoigne wanted to nick her November saying that there are a lot of girls out there named November, yeah he's strange. Why yMaggio? I have logical explanation, ask me!). Anywho...

- The movie...aaarrgh, I actually felt so sleepy. I don't know if it's because I am really so not used to of being more active at night. I felt the movie was long and somehow being long didn't really please me. Either I was so tired or really losing interest, I just can't really remember much details of it. I think my first instinct comment would be "James Franco is so handsome!!!" and as such I hate what happened to him. STUPID really!. I thought the climax when Spider-man had to save Mary Jane was kinda a reminiscence of the first movie. I felt some scenes were a bit unnecessary, for example the part where Peter Parker danced in the cafe. It did make for quite an entertainment but I thought he was such an ass so I didn't like it. Storywise and character developments, well other people would talk more excitedly about it than me I think it was nothing new? It was expected? I don't know. Overall, I think I am not too ecstatic about it and as such I should stop writing about it.

- Prabh ci invita to his solemnization ceremony. Sabrina was asking why and what's with the decision. He said there's a lot of processes and this is just the kick off. I am so interested in going and honored che lui mi invita but I may not go. Last week, Ayu also gave me an early invitation to her wedding and I am so tempted to go. We're not actually that close "close" but she's so nice to me. Anyway so ...

- That got me to thinking; my first reaction when Ayu gave me the invitation was "you are sure?" about getting married I mean. The 10-year old me would be all excited that this girl gets to get married at her age but the 25-year old is just damn skeptical. Then after hearing Prabh answered Sabrina's questions, the thoughts came to my head that well you can dream of being in love and such but perhaps it's just more about being realistic like what Ayu wrote in her blog. I think perhaps getting married is like forming a union or a team with someone that you can be with, a friend who shares similar views on life, who eventhough may not share the same opinion on things, you know you can live with it. Someone who you know you will have fights with but they will not be bad ones, basically someone who you would enjoy being disagree with. Someone with all their imperfectness which you can accept. Someone who you know will be there with you with all the obstacles in life and you know you two will be able to work it out perfectly. Yeah things like that. Of course some degree of love is needed but I suppose it is finding that someone who can work with you, better than all the others you've met.

- Had a small talk with Carl today about life and such. I really do admire her and it feels good that she was open about her story and encouraging about taking the leap but as she said you yourself will know what you need the most and when you need it. Still, I still don't know about stuff. What I know is I have a weird self restrain and as Stella pointed out one time, I do can stay in a bad situation for a long time and now I feel that it is so wrong. It doesn't help that today's horoscope said: Change and growth are the name of the game. If you fight the turn of the tide, you'll get increasingly uncomfortable reminders from the universe about what path you need to be on. . Let me wait? Let me wait for a while? I do feel it's a sign though with that horoscope and finding out sQin is taking a sabbatical and the talk with Gascoigne about indulging myself with a nice room (at home in Indonesia) like what he is gonna do within 7 days. Oh God, aiutami! I am most scared that I will be punished by God for ignoring the signs.

- So will be having test next week. I am damn nervous and scared, considering my last test was 4 years ago. I really have to work hard but Prabh thinks I'm being all Singaporean about it. He is perhaps right. I just don't want to sucks! I think I'm gonna sucks simply because I'm making a big deal out of this when it actually doesn't matter. Carl shot me a look and said something like how far we've gone since our day 1. I still remember day 1 and it's fated that Carl was always nearby

- I have a song list right on the left, so maybe I shouldn't be writing this; but recently I am so loving Michael Buble's Everything. I think it's so not Michael Buble though. I kinda feel it has a country feel to it. Is it really Bono on the video? The stupidest thing is that I am feeling someone when I hear this song and that's just plain stupid.

I feel like I have more things to say, but I don't have time so ciao tutti! Buon fine settimana, okay!

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