PET Dinner

So yesterday, we had pet dinner at Marche. I wasn't sure if it was gonna be fun but it was. We had lots of laughter. I truly enjoyed each and everyone of their company. In the end, there's 8 of us left and looking at the bills, we were all big eaters We were so lucky because we knew one of the waitress and we ended up getting around a S$100 discount. Lucky lucky us!!! Should I say, more Muslim food from now on?

Tasted il Gatto's beer and I kinda didn't mind the taste and I think I could really enjoy and like it. It was so like my dad's beer that I used to drink when I was young (yeah, when I was very young I liked to take a sip of my father's beer). Surprisingly being in my age now, I actually don't drink (my brother does though and I don't really condone it). Anyways, so I think I should really hold myself and stop from experimenting with all these things because I know me and I can get addicted easily. After thinking about that, I realize that it's not just a thing that can get you addicted. A person can get you addicted as well. At least in my case. I realize that it has been happening quite a lot in my life, especially in the past few months. So hence why I often have to deal with the withdrawal symptoms, which because it deals with a person, it kinda hurts a lot more.

Okay enough about that. Saw someone from the past yesterday. Aaaah...I couldn't believe it!!! So as it was with the last time, the person whom I contacted immediately was Gaby and thinking about it, she must had been doing her things on a (perhaps normal) Thursday night in Jakarta and here came a silly sms from Eka. She said she was totally laughing reading it. Aaahh...I don't know what to say, it was kinda overwhelming that it's not enough that I told her, I told il Gatto as well. It's surprising, it's overwhelming, it's ... it kinda made me embarrassed. My God!!! I am freaking silly. I should have handled it better and said "Hi!" as Gaby said? I don't know ... I think I should just say "sorry for being such a snob".

So today is Jumat Agung (Good Friday). I like the sound of Jumat Agung more than good Friday. I would like to wish all of you an early Happy Easter (Paskah in Indonesian, or Pasqua in Italian). Managed to go to the temple today. Was planning to go earlier, but I just didn't want to wake up (speaking of which, it's my first time since a long time actually enjoying my sleep and being able to laze around in bed). Anyways, so I was squeezed from every direction in the temple. Full of sweating people and as such I didn't really have time to say a proper prayer and wishes because you just needed to get out of there. Why I bothered to go? Because it's my Chinese birthday and since it falls on an auspicious day, I should really go and give thanks. Since it dawn on me that I was born on an auspicious day, I do wonder a lot if my life has been luckier or if I am destined to bigger things. Instead of that, I think I should focus more on being able to have more mercy. Couldn't find a normal boiled egg, so I had to settle with a tea egg. I love egg, but I don't like tea egg, but I had no choice. I wish I can get an ang paw though, which of course not happening. Managed to finish a few things since morning only to realize that I have more things to do. I better go to sleep now. It should rain anytime soon (it normally rains on Good Friday). Have a good long weekend everyone and a blessed Easter (really must contemplate on Jesus' sacrifice for us).

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