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Let's see how fast I can finish writing this. Went to watch Conversations with Other Women with Vivy today. After an IMDB search, I found out that the movie was made in 2005, quite some time. I didn't know what the movie was about, going inside the theatre. Almost late, but I made it just on time. The movie was interesting because (well I don't know if I am explaining it correctly) it seemed that they are using 2 cameras, one followed the man and the other followed the women. So throughout the movie (except for the few last seconds) the screen was divided into 2 part, left and right, each showing different take. At the beginning of the movie I thought it felt like we were watching these 2 people having a conversation. Many side angles of their profile instead of a close up take of their faces. It's all about the conversation between this man and woman all throughout the movie. There's not much other people. You really have to bear with them. I kinda think you need to concentrate more to understand the whole thing. I think the catch of the movie was how fast you can figure out the relationship between them. It was rather interesting, really. It's kinda cute how they started off their conversation, especially knowing their history. I wonder if people should really do just try to start again and get to know each other again. That getting-to-know-again perhaps really makes the relationship better. The ending wasn't really clear. It does raise a question, when it comes to relationship, is it better to have the calm and steady one or the passionate fiery one. Calm and steady may seem boring at one point in the future just like the man implied, however the fiery one does burn, I suppose.

Moving on, just finished watching The Last King of Scotland. Forest Whitaker was deserving of the Oscar. He was scary and manic. It was a really long and dramatic movie and I had to close my eyes when they were torturing the doctor. I found myself kinda holding my breath during the last few scenes of the movies. It was a history lesson of sort, but these days I tend to think that seeing can be very one sided. There are other sides of the story. Not really a movie that I would want to watch again, simply because of the heavy and dramatic content in it. I would recommend you to watch it though, for education purposes because hopefully like me you would go to wikipedia and do some readings on it.

On other movies, was actually planning to sit down properly and watch A Walk to Remember and Monster's Ball on Saturday. Unfortunately I had other things hence not much concentration was given to both of the movies. I still love Shane West Was quite surprised to see P Diddy in Monster's Ball, I didn't know he acts. Managed to catch the ending and it was an okay ending, I supposed. I remembered the Mr was recommending this movie a long time ago, but I guess because I didn't really pay much attention, I didn't really see what made this movie a great one. I also couldn't really say that Halle Berry was amazingly good that she deserved the Oscar. Anyway, speaking of which ... aaahh...haven't talked to the Mr for the longest time. I wonder how things are growing along.

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