Went to watch Freedom Writers with Vivy yesterday. It wasn't planned and I was actually ready to watch it alone, but then Vivy said she was interested. In the end she was a bit late, so perhaps it was just a bit too rush.

Anyway people, you should go and watch Freedom Writers. It is very good and I love it! Felt like clapping at the end of the movie. I think Hillary Swank was awesome and she was pretty as well. The fact that the movie was based on a true story makes it more extraordinary. It is amazing how much changes one can really make. I think the story of the movie was really well crafted. The cast were great. There were some really witty moments when some of the kids narrated what's going on in their heads. Most of the time though, the thoughts that went through the kids' head were rather disheartening. As I often feel watching movies that tried to depict what really happen in the other parts of the world, I again, felt rather in disbelief seeing how easy these kids can get killed and how they chose to live their lives by joining a gang. To think that here we are safe and sound in this part of the world, and there are people in other parts of the world who deal with guns on a regular basis, well it's really really sad.

If you think this movie is just another kind of Dangerous Minds (most probably you know it from the soundtrack, Gangsta Paradise) type, then I will tell you it's not really. I didn't really enjoy Dangerous Minds, I didn't like the ending. Freedom Writers is so much better and inspiring. I felt really contented after watching it, because I felt I just watched a really good movie. So I really do recommend this one.

So, as I was watching the movie, I got to thinking that if I am a teacher, what kind of teacher I will be like. People who know me, will think that, that statement is silly. It's just I wonder, if I really teach, if I really have a class, if I can give tests and homeworks and do grading and give punishments, what kind of teacher I be. Will I be able to bond with the kids? *sigh* I know they are such silly thoughts.

Can I just tell you that Windows Media Player 11 is so cool. Anyways, I think I'm gonna hurt myself because of my stupidity. I wish I can be less stupid. I should stop thinking about it *sigh* Take care peeps, go watch Freedom Writers during your long weekend.

ps: oh yeah, mom and dad are not at home for a few days *sigh* I suppose it is weird to say that I miss my mom since I don't even see her everyday, but I do miss my mom. We send sms to each other everyday and where she is now, there's no signal for her phone so I couldn't contact her and I don't know when she will be back *sigh*

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