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Went to watch Because I Said So with Vivy today. A very girlie movie. I like it. I think Diane Keaton was extremely good as an overbearing mother. Mandy Moore was sweet. The only other movie from her that I watched was A Walk to Remember and somehow she just really fits all these sweet character roles. It was a girlie movie because of the so much girl stuffs in there, like what a girl or in this case a mothers want in a guy (for her daughter), the sisterhood (oooh, I always wonder what it's like to have sisters), and of course the nice and charming guys. Story wise, it was pretty okay. It had a happy ending except for one of the guy. Nothing special about the story, but I like it, perhaps because of it's lightheartedness and the nice guy that Mandy Moore's character ended up with.

Afterwards I had a big lunch / dinner with Vivy. One heavy meal a day and as such I do can eat a lot on one sitting. Talked about this and that, the usual stuff. In her post, she wrote how my speed in talking does make it efficient for us to discuss much stuff in a short time we can spend. I am glad that one can appreciate this of me It is one trait that I do feel come in handy when I am talking to my best girls back home. We don't actually have much time and as such, efficiency is required. Anyways, I always think, talking to Vivy kinda help putting things into perspective because you do need a girl's opinion on stuff and a lot of time she does understand where I'm coming from with all my thoughts which people may dismiss as being insanely stupid or silly.

Managed to have an msn talk with Ms. J on Friday night as well. It was also nice talking to her since recently I'm not really reachable. She entrusted me with an issue which ... *sigh* made me rather concerned upon reading it, because I think it's enough that it's not working out with me, I don't want her to go to the same end. But I think in the end she will (as always) be nicer than me. Talked about another person which she said had become a distance name I must say, there's a bit of clarity after I came back from home. Found out another piece of information on Saturday. I wonder if all these combined bits and pieces are the things that put some senses to my head, instead of the detox at home. Whatever it is, I am glad I am pretty much clean

I don't know if I should put this one, but let me just put it because I want to highlight the self-discovery that I found while talking with Ms. J and Vivy. So the story goes, I had an argument with Gascoigne on Friday. It was kinda a bummer. I don't want to talk what it is about because I think even on this, we differed. So as I was talking to Ms. J, I thought all this time I perhaps have been lucky to meet nice guys (on the exception of my charges, they don't count, except for 1 or 2 or 3) who kinda "give in" to me or be nice to me because they are the guys and I am the girl. Then I have to deal with Gascoigne, who as painful as it is to say it out loud (it was seriously not easy to say it that Vivy had to be the one who said it out loud...see we think alike) treats me as equal. He doesn't budge, he doesn't give in. He will argue and debate with me and make his points and will say all the things he wants to say happily, which are actually quite hard for me to swallow at times. At one side, I think I am maybe a spoilt brat for not being able to let it go and thinking he's the difficult one. On the other side, I think that perhaps he himself should kinda give in to a girl or understand that there are moments that as guys, they should not have argued so much or at least tried to be gentler. Aaahh...I don't know, maybe I'm right, maybe I'm wrong, maybe he's right, maybe he's wrong but ... *sigh* the only conclusion is that we are just 2 difficult people

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