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I am so sleepy as I am writing this. I think people often forget that I start my Saturday early and in a real full swing. I'm not complaining, so why bother reminding you I suppose? Went to watch Wild Hogs with Vivy today. The title of the post is my Indonesian translated version of Wild Hogs I totally totally LOVE the movie. I laughed so much from the beginning to the end. It was totally entertaining and I think the 4 big actors were great. William H Macy got the role as a softie geek. My goodness, he was annoyingly funny I think I've never seen him in a comedy before. My impression of him is a strong drama actor. Can't help thinking that he has many Felicity Huffman trace in him Martin Lawrence was of course funny. Tim Allen's role was actually the wiser one and the sound of wisdom among the gang. John Travolta was actually the wild and silly one in the gang. He was really good actually. I think his cool factor is very high, I find him really amusing. There were many witty lines in this movie, almost every scene is funny. I was totally satisfied and I am recommending this to all of you to watch it. The 4 big Hollywood actors are big for a reason and they were really entertaining in this movie. I think the story itself is an interesting one. I think people can relate of being stuck in the daily routine and finding yourself thinking what have I done all this time, where did my life go, and how did I become what I become and the desire to just run away from all the responsibility. The fight may be a bit too far fetched (all for the sake of comedy) but it's still a good and funny one, up until when the credits were rolling So go and watch it, okay peeps.

Shall I give you an update with life? I don't think Vivy is writing this in her blog, maybe because she is humble but let me just write a few things because it kinda affects me in a way. She's going for a barbecue with Bill Gates. Yes, the real one, I wonder if it's so hard to believe that people needed to be reassured. Gascoigne needed to be explained in details to believe it. Anyways, so yeah, lucky her. I was kinda in a star struck mode when she told me the news. I guess I am star struck for her, because she hasn't thought much about it. So, for that she is leaving Singapore for some time (I don't want to give the details here) and that surprisingly made me kinda brokenhearted. Well, being sad is expected but as the realization sinks in further, I just got so sad. It's losing that only Indonesian voice that pretty much can understand the crazy Indonesian me, losing the movie friend (I must say I influence her a lot on this), losing a person who can discuss a book with me or other issue, losing my supply of songs and movies *sigh* I just realize that we do spend a lot of time together. Very very sad and it's gonna be a real loss. But people are moving on I suppose.

So yesterday I told someone about how I sad I am with Vivy leaving and all I got was a 1-sentence of "take it easy". That didn't help to comfort me. See, I've listened to people....oh I have listened to story about boys, ex boyfriend, ex boyfriend's girlfriend, boyfriend's family, girls, girlfriend, ex girlfriend, housemates, friends, room, colleague, and other stuffs. I may ask many questions that I need to be told to shut up but I do listen and as much as this may sound hard to believe, I do keep some things to myself. There are things which were told to me that I really do not share with anyone, even on things which wasn't tagged "please keep this to yourself, don't tell anyone". So when I tell someone something which was personal and the response was a short sentence, I do wonder a bit. I'm not saying that some people are selfish that they are so absorbed with their lives that they can continue talking about their stuffs and not noticing me who listen to them. Seriously, I wonder how much these people know about me in return. Yes, I may hide a few things about me, but sometime they just don't ask and continue blabbing about their stuffs. Yeah, I can call them selfish, but I just got to thinking that perhaps it is the way it is meant to be in my relationship (currently) with them, that I am in a state of listening. They may not listen to me or perhaps they may not be the right person to listen to my personal stuff, but I guess it's okay. I perhaps do much better for them by listening than them to me by listening. It does feel a bit sad that the people I thought could have comforted me if I tell them stuff, are not able to do so simply because they fail to listen to what I'm actually saying but I think I will survive. It's ironic really, that for example I can have a walk with il Gatto for almost every day of the week and finding myself telling someone else something which he perhaps could have understood and comforted me better. It's not his fault. It's not anyone's fault because as I said, perhaps this is the part of my life when I should just listen more.

Okay enough about that. Almost bought an iPod today. Vivy asked why the sudden urge. I told her the sentence she once told me "don't put off 'til tomorrow what you can do today" or "today / any day is as good as ever" I didn't buy it. I still feel pretty restrained from it. We will see, maybe next week? Mr. Italian Job said he would come for lunch on Monday. I'm so excited and looking forward for this but I think I shouldn't get my hope high. I'll see it when he's actually there. Take care peeps. Buon fine settimana!

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