After Week 2, April 2007

No movie this week. Was really tempted to watch something, that I was almost going for Meet The Robinsons. Really kinda get addicted to movies that though I actually don't have any movie that I'm really looking forward to, I am thinking of watching Wild Hogs. The reasoning is that all the 4 big actors in Hollywood should make it for an entertaining watch. Let's just see if I can rally people to watch that with me.

So it has been a quiet and uneventful weekend. I could have perhaps arranged a lunch or something, but decided not to. I wanted to sleep on Sunday and enjoy the TV during weekend. Kinda enjoyed View from the Top last night, though I think the story was not made to be close to reality. Candice Bergen's character was so unbelievably nice that I was waiting that she did something manic, and that didn't happen. It was not great, it was okay and somewhat entertaining.

Had a chat with a few people on Friday night. Kinda felt a bit weird and overwhelmed with 4 windows popping up. It's been a while since I really do a "serious" chat. Last time I did that a lot was when I was in Uni, with all the msn and icq and mirc I guess these days, I use msn if I do really want to talk to someone about something important. I mean even if I talk about something personal or things of no importance, I normally do it with 1 person, but there were 4 of them on Friday.

One was my cousin, which I really enjoyed. It's pretty cool that she can get online more often now and talk to me, it's really good to talk more to her. Talked about where we are in our lives. She said how funny that we are somewhat in the same state. I think I have more frustration than hers though, and I think she also has more experience on certain things. Talked about our family and she said that we have such strange / weird family, which I used as my msn nick. She said something like, "Gosh! you use it as your nick!" Yeah we do have a weird family, I personally think we have a "sinetron" (a term used to called Indonesian drama soaps) like family, with all the drama and supernatural content Seriously, we will make a dramatic story. The ending has yet to be written and so we will wait to see how things will eventually work out. Been talking to my cousin about what I want to do and she is very supportive about it and it puts me at ease a bit. The same thing can't really be said about my mom. Aaaaarrgghhh...seriously! I wish she can be more supportive but I was just rather pissed last night after the short talk with her. I just got reminded of an episode of Malcolm in the Middle that I watched yesterday. Dewey confronted his mom and asked why she tried to sabotage him when he's going for a piano competition. His mom said all parents sabotage their kids at one point in their lives (I don't know if I want to believe that), she said that what matter was to keep moving on despite of not getting any support in doing what you want. Yeah, I guess she has a point. I guess parents will always have apprehension with what the kids want and as such not giving the kids their full support and encouragement and at the end of the day, you just have to move on despite of not having anyone backing you up. See, you are really alone in your life, you really need to be able to rely on yourself.

Talked to Ms. J as well on Friday. Get an update of her life. I only got the updates on Friday because I've been rather occupied this week, I'm just thankful it's all over and it wasn't bad. Anyway, the previous weeks we touched on issue about all the lines that boys said to us or we heard from other girls, how cheesy they were and how these boys seem not to think of the effects of these lines (maybe they do know the effect but they just don't care). We actually wanted to make a top ten list of cheeziest lines This week we talked about how confused boys are Yeah, some guys are just confused and as such they do stupid things Talking to her make me realize that sometime it's not the other person who breaks our heart, it is we ourselves who break our heart. I wonder why it came like a revelation to me, when I have made it happened to myself. I guess my reasoning at that time was that it was the right thing to do. The same reasoning Ms. J is trying to believe now. It's kinda sad to ruin a good thing. See, as Coelho wrote Why is it that we destroy the things we love most?. Well I guess because we feel we don't deserve it? I told Ms. J that sometime people have a soft spot for other people, but that doesn't mean that they have a romantic feeling or anything. I think I kinda confuse her with this theory I believe that because I think I have received unexplainable kindness from some people, which I can only explain they do it because somehow they do care about me. Also because I found myself caring for some people though I have no special feeling for them. I don't know why I care, but I guess it's because the human in us.

Oh yeah, this reminded me of another revelation this week. I found out that I no longer feel that comfortable with someone whom I used to feel very close with. I found myself not talking to this person for days or perhaps weeks now. At the beginning it felt weird, but now I don't even think about it and it seems that I don't even see this person anymore, it's like this person is not part of my view. That's not the revelation, the revelation was that I totally feel okay about it, no tinge of sadness at all. It was shocking that I feel that way, that I actually don't care. Logically it feels a bit bad and wrong, but I don't feel that way at all. I don't know if it's a good thing but as I said, I don't care. Funny how things happen, don't you think?

Okay, gotta go now. For an uneventful weekends, I do have too many things to say, don't I?

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