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Collected the present that Dagi sent me. I guess that's the last birthday present for this year. It was an amazing package as usual. 8 types of German / Austrian chocolate, a card, and a sheep soft toys named Millie. So now, I have a small little farm in my bed, I have Diddle (a mouse), Otto (the alligator or crocodile, I'm not sure), a small teddy bear, 3 ducks (not named, but one of it is Fredward, I think), Woof (the dog), a big cat, Pooh, and now 2 sheep. Yeah that's pretty much the crowd. Anyways, love Dagi. I wonder if I do her justice in all the packages I sent her. Oh yeah, I bought myself a Baby G, well with some fund that the circle of trust entrusted me. I'm still broke, but I (and Vivy as well) think it's pretty nice.

The next part is R-21, so stop reading if you feel uncomfortable or if imagining me writing all these things are too hard for you to digest.
Finished reading 11 Minutes from Paulo Coelho. It's actually one of the easiest book from him that I read, but my of my the content is truly...I don't even know how to comment on it. It's about a Brazilian girl who ended up in Geneva as a prostitute. One of the sentence written at the back of the book is and I quote: "The reality - selling herself to survive - is a dehumanising grind that pushes her further away from real love, towards a fascination with pure physical pleasure". If I had put much thought into it, I maybe would have been more prepared for the book. It's just, the sex content of this book is pretty explicit and a lot. I have never read any book with such content. It (sex I mean) actually becomes rather freaky and scary. I seriously felt rather perturbed reading it.

Now I am more convinced that the sentence that I once uttered that sex is overrated is rather true! That time the guy that was there during the conversation said "it's so NOT!" Well, now I know why, because he's a guy! I wonder if guys will always enjoy sex no matter what (I'm a bit "polos" I guess, not sure what the English word should be to describe "polos") but it's just, with girls it's not so as straightforward as going in and going out. Sex is not really something that I talk openly with anyone and I know that I'm not ready to discuss it. I guess I will need people that I truly feel comfortable with to talk about this and of course the people and me should have knowledge of the topic (and this will take some time) I wonder if I will have such an open conversation about this with my best girls back home. The last time we met, we did touch a bit of this issue and already we felt weird with all the crazy things people do. Hhmm...I guess people who have done it and like it would say that if you do it right then it's truly an experience. I suppose that's right but we'll just have to wait, don't we

Anyway, the book actually has an interesting story, quite a movie material. If it has been a "normal" book, it can be very romantic and sweet, however Coelho had to put his enlightenment into the book and hence I feel it's rather dark. Reading the afterword, I found out that he really did his research to write this book and made it pretty detailed. It's truly interesting to think of Coelho being a man and being able to write from a woman point of view in such details. Wait...of all the books I read from him, I guess it's only The Alchemist where the story is being told from a boy's point of view. I kinda felt Maria (the main character in 11 minutes) at a few parts, not the sex and prostitution parts but more on the parts of her feeling where she was and the part when she wanted to leave the place where she had been living in. It wasn't clear where she ended up, but she got that nice guy. If such thing will happen to me...well, I have my doubts. I think it's rather stupid to change your life's plan for a guy, don't you think? But again if it's like the book, where it's really the "one" then ... you'll come back to me again and ask me about that

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