Pane e Tulipani + Stomp the Yard

This morning was as usual. Watched Pane e Tulipani and just when I thought I was getting better, I feel demoralized perchè 99% non ho capito niente *sigH* Anyways, the movie was quite good but perhaps it's the European style, it didn't entice me much though I think the story was interesting. Perhaps because I didn't really understand the language and culture so I don't feel that it's as witty as it can be if Hollywood makes it, but then again Hollywood may make it too commercial and lose all the poetic meaning. Really love the whole idea of taking a different turn and see where it leads you. I seriously wish I can do that. I kinda envy the whole freedom that the housewife got and how things worked out for her. I'm not sure I agree with the ending because she decided to get a divorce and moved to a different city and be with the man that she fell in love with. I think I'm just very conservative about divorce and stuff.

The day continued with meeting La Gioa and NanSee for a movie and lunch. We finally settled to eat lunch at Indo Padang in The Cathay building. In the same place I wrote last time. I still don't think the food were amazing but they seemed to enjoy it. La Gioa loves the fattening soto ayam, goodness me! We ordered quite a lot of things and I must say some of the servings were really generous.

The movie that we watched is Stomp the Yard, my pick. There were some really cool dance movement. I may be wrong, but I think there were a lot of krumping especially at the beginning of the movie. By the way, we were late by a few minutes. Story wise, it was not really that amazing, it was pretty typical. Some of the fraternity stuff were pretty silly, we laughed about it. I feel all these steppin' to these black people are like cheerleading to the white teenage girls in America. I want to say that steppin' are so much cooler but as I said, they did some pretty silly and weird stuff for the sake of fraternity. Don't you love being in a fraternity though? With your band of brothers? Somehow I feel that girls sisterhood are just not that fun. I don't know, maybe because I feel that girls can be so difficult to deal with Oh yeah, I have the hots for the guy who was the leader of the house where the main character was in. Gosh!!! He's just so cool and the body type, man!!! I love it Overall, I think the movie was somewhat entertaining.

On life update. Managed to fix the bug that's been buggin' me for around 2 weeks. Praise the Lord!!! It was a pretty easy solution, geez!!! I did browse through a page about depths and all to figure out what to do. God, we really do need people who do research on computing stuff.

Submitted my essay. Not so sure how it's gonna work out. Slim chance and I might as well start praying of keeping it calm when things don't work out.

The TV blew up and I missed American Idol and Prison break. Damn it!!! Got a replacement, but smaller ... I don't want to talk about it. I guess some people are just good at tormenting other people *sigH*

Received a mail which gave me my freedom. I am liberated. It was dated 12 March 2007, 2 days before my birthday, which means when I was 24. I should be happy, should be jumping up and down, should be screaming and announcing it to the world and yet ... well if I think hard about it and try to absorb it, I can choose to die *sigH*. I did wonder if I ever gonna see this day, even before I went to Singapore in the first place and I did, I got through it. I'm done, I'm free. Well not quite. One because all the crazy things that I want to do, I can not do (well I still can actually) because my mom disagrees (though she will not fight much if it's what I choose to do). I guess I'm just so scared and denying the reality check. Two is because even if I do it, that real independence day will be somewhat around April 19 (maybe faster) and if I choose that, I will have to abandon a few people. So I can choose to stay with them, which means that the day will be May 5, or I can choose to make sure they're pretty much taking care off and that day will come even later. I wonder if I should care about them because I often feel they don't value me much, but today I received the mails that pretty much say that my opinion matters. So I guess for the time being, I choose to stay, for the kids. It's ironic really, because right now I really enjoy the presence of some people. They make things more bearable, but the truth is, they may take flight faster than me and I don't know if I can survive it when that happens.

Gotta go, let me leave you with parts of a song from Simply Red - Never Never Love, which is one of my favourite-cannot-get-bored-of song.

So now we've got our independence, ooh...
What are we gonna do with it?
Learning to play different games
Already using different names


So now we've got our independence, ooh...
What are we gonna do with it?
Building the houses, claiming back the land
Burning the bridges, cleaning up your hands


When our love is good we have something for the future
Now our love will grow the seeds to sow this real revolution
This good revolution baby, where you're not below me anymore


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