On an unEventful Saturday

Olla peeps. Not feeling too good right now. Must be the thing I ate. Had a good dinner with the Swenseners on Friday. Got another birthday present. I'm not sure what I'm gonna use it for. I must say we are being practical this year in giving our presents. So next week is my birthday week. Actually didn't really remember it until someone reminded me this morning and it is only now that I noticed the actual day. It will be just another day. NanSee said how could it be that I would spend it as any other day. Well pretty much because it's no big deal. It is actually, I mean it happens only once a year, but I really don't want all the fanfare.

Accidentally bumped into the juggler this morning. Talked a bit before I got off on my stop. I don't know if I had that trustworthy look or the look that made people could just confess their life problem but he almost wanted to say something which I think didn't come easy for him. So I just summed it in 1 sentence without the possibility of exploring (or maybe exploiting) it further, because it's none of my business and if it's rather hard for him to elaborate, then I just don't need to know. I actually must admit that it is difficult for me to keep some things for myself. Somehow I just feel the need to tell someone else. This is something I must really learn. I really have to learn to bite my tongue. Friday Gascoigne had doubt in telling me something. Knowing how talkative I am, he has a good reason to. Again being the interrogative me (I think perhaps my instinct just builds up with my interrogative experience), I managed to guess what it is that bothers him. Didn't get the details, but since he found it hard to explain (or to trust me) I decided not to pursue it much more *sigH* Everything is really not as it seems to be. Anyway you know, I think I can formulate a guideline or theory on how to get information from people who are not into giving it in the first place. I almost want to write it here, but that would make me so sneaky, in which I don't think I really am. I mean, people come to me and tell me stuffs and perhaps it started to feed my greed and make me want to know more and poke into things which are none of my business. So I gotta learn to keep my nose away from things which are not useful for me to smell as well as keeping my mouth shut. So help me God.

So today, nothing interesting. Morning engagement as usual. Signed up for another 10 weekends of dedication and days of efforts. Being told off again that I shouldn't be so "like that" and was persuaded (= pushed) to attend the party tomorrow, and next week. Should be thankful that after so many rejection, I still get invited (Carl is really nice) but no, thank you. I can smile thinking of how my mom would like me to socialize more as well but she wouldn't like this kind of social activity. Anyways, I went home after getting a few stuff. Tried to take a nap, but that wasn't a good one. My brain was thinking about other stuffs, I don't know if I really slept. It was hot as well, so I was tired when I woke up *sigH* And now, I have to dismantle my codes and put it into other methods. Coding should be logical and I have been damn logical with it, and yet perhaps it is called scripting (not really coding) for a reason, because they are a bit unstable and dumb? On top of it, I need to write an essay, a darn good one at that. Geez, I want this really bad, but I suppose I need to pray a lot and take that first step. Take care peeps!

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