Hello peeps. Life has been tiring for me. Feels like I have been slammed left and right since I got back. I haven't had any proper sleep. Been spending much time completing my task and 10 pm onwards when I normally lie down and enjoy the TV, I was studying. There was even a day this week when my first heavy meal of the day came at 5 pm, and the day before that, it came at around 2.30 pm. Now I realize why I can be in my size despite of the so much thing I can swallow on 1 sitting, it's because I am very very tired and to think it is not even a week since I am back. Life perhaps can be worse as I have witnessed this week. I guess I should be thankful that I am still protected, or am I?

Had my 3rd birthday present of the year. It is a painting of a boat from Starfish. Seriously almost teared a drop that morning when I saw it. It's still wrapped on my desk because I don't really have a place to put it. I showed it to Gascoigne, and he said, wah such boat can have so deep meaning. Well, yeah, me and starfish were in the same boat and this week really showed how I am sinking without him. I guess it is also unfair for him to be plugging all the holes and me getting by. Everything will eventually be surmounted I suppose.

Had dinner with the pets and friends yesterday. Actually had much fun though I think we kinda rampaged the place that I felt it was rather embarrassing. Never mind, I wouldn't be a regular fixture there Had my 4th birthday present of the year (it's very nice of the uncle to give me something) and there was a cake as well. Gosh, how come my 25 is being celebrated so early. I am surprised with myself as well, how I am embracing being 25 since the start of the year without much resistance. I still feel pretty old and frustrated with my life but perhaps these days there aren't much time for me to even think about all these.

Saturday morning was not bad. Luckily I wasn't really late. Was a bit blur at some parts because I forget many things and so Prabh poked me and I even got slapped on my shoulder. My goodness, to think that at one point in time we didn't really know each other well and it seemed unlikely that we would ever have anything in common to talk about. Well we pretty much haven't talked about life issue and all but I guess I take comfort in knowing that there is someone who is as blur as I am It is interesting, isn't it? You know like, you know this person, perhaps see the person often but never had a conversation and the only thing you know about each other is each other's name. Then one day by sheer chance you made small talks, maybe joked a bit and then you found yourself talking about interesting stuff more often and you have become closer friends. Something which seemed so unlikely to happen when you were in your "strangers" days. I feel this way about me and Gascoigne. He and his gombal statement (sorry I can not find the correct words to describe gombal) do make me smile after my tiring day. Eka does get pleased easily, doesn't she? Well, it still can not give me the energy that I need. I am still very tired.

Watched Dreamgirls with Vivy today and how I love it! It is a shame that it is not part of the nominees for best picture in Oscar this year, but I guess they had to choose 5. Jennifer Hudson was really brilliant. Such a powerful voice and strong portrayal. I think her character is a very strong and good role that I feel a bit strange that she is nominated for a supporting role instead of the leading role. I kinda feel that the story pretty much revolved around her. Perhaps it is her strong presence that made me feel that way. Shed a few tears here and there because of her singing. She was really good. Beyonce was looking really beautiful being skinny and all. It is really a good movie and I really enjoy it.

Had padang food for lunch and they were not really that good. The soto ayam made the most impression (not really in a good way) for being very thick and rich with coconut milk. Me and Vivy concluded that we are not much of Padang food people. The eggs were too spicy, the grilled chicken was a bit dry, the rendang chicken just passed, and the soto; goodness, for someone who eat a lot of fattening food, I really do think the soto was too fattening. They did give a very generous serving though. I think Padang food in Indonesia come across as more homey and comforting. Here, they just seem so serious? I think like seriously trying to live up to the high expectation of Padang food that people normally associate with that they kinda fail? I don't know, can't really explain it well and don't take my comments as well peeps, because I am a fussy eater. Okay, I gotta go. I have much drawing to do and emails to reply. Damn it! So tired!!! So much things to do and no time for me, even to write in my diary.

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