Buon Compleanno Mia Cara

Venti Cinque! Oh mio Dio! More about that later. Let's talk about movie first. Went to watch Music and Lyrics with Vivy and Sigit yesterday. Gosh, I am really not made for night activity anymore. Reached my place at around 11 pm + and I was pretty dead tired. Anyways, love the movie so much. Can't really say that the movie is deep, but I think it was a pretty good ensemble of cast. I think Drew Barrymore was interesting and sweet. Hugh Grant was loveable as always. I think he is truly made for romantic movies, kinda unbelievable that some people do not fall for him. I love Hugh Grant I like how their character seemed pretty real. I mean I can quite identify their quality with some people that I know Moving on, I think the most interesting character in the movie is actually the singer, Cora Corman. Her character is interesting because she danced like Shakira and put "sounds" to her songs like Britney, so she should be this slutty type kinda girl, but when she spoke, she spoke in all calmness like a meditated monk or something like that. So I kinda looked forward hearing what she's gonna say next and how she's gonna say it. I really enjoyed the movie. Do I recommend it to everyone? Well, I think some people will think it's not worth their time.

Allora, Venti Cinque. Well my first birthday wishes came from the girls last month, so I supposed they were the first ones to bring me to 25.
Vivy sent me the first sms related message, which was yesterday night. But I really loved the fact that it's my cousin, Marlisa, who woke me up with her sms this morning.
The most loving sms, I have to give it to my other cousin (Marlisa's older sis). Love it so much. I think she covered many of the important and necessary wishes.
Most unexpected sms, I guess Vinny's. Simply because I didn't expect it.
Number of compleanno related emails received: 2. Dagi beat the Mr to it. Kinda glad to receive the email from the Mr, since we haven't been talking for the longest time. I guess, I've been way too busy.
Other unexpected well wishes: Arief A, because it's a friendster message
Got a card and a cake and a happy birthday song today. Must thank Lois for all the effort and BlueRose for getting the card signed. Really appreciate all that lined up to sing me the song though I said "Please don't". The weird thing is that somehow I felt complete, like I have gotten all the things that I should get or can be gotten, like another sign telling me to go. Anyways, so I've eaten 2 cakes, being the weird me, I just feel like 50. It just feels a bit weird. I guess because I'm not too fond of my own birthday.

Well, I guess it's pretty much it. Many asked what I'm gonna do today. Well it's Wednesday, so it's laundry day. Then I am blogging now. After this, I gotta write my essay. After that I need to really fix my program. I can't believe that I still can not get it right. I refuse to be defeated (though I feel I am already defeated). This week will be the last week. I have to move on next week. Feeling pretty stressed now, because I feel I am way behind schedule. I like to say that I have a good reason for that, however I don't think so.

Can I tell you how I feel? I feel blessed, I feel contented. I don't do anything special today. People gave their effort sending me their well wishes and doing all the small things and I feel it's pretty amazing. So it's all good. Thank you all. Grazie mille tutti! Grazie Dio, grazie

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