If you watch the news regularly here in Singapore, you will know that Jakarta is currently having a bad flood. It's been making the news for 3 days now. My mom first told me about it on Friday morning. Our area is flooded but luckily the water hasn't flooded our house (just yet). Just received an sms from my mom hours ago, saying that it's around 2 cm more and our house will be flooded. I really hope that it wouldn't come to that. To have the water come in our house would mean that the water in the street in front of our house reaches around 1.5 m. It is really really scary. I managed to call my mom yesterday night. The flood subsided and was not bad last night. We still managed to laugh about it but right now I think it's really really rally bad. Imagine seeing a raft floating around in front of your house, how bizzare is that? Yesterday I can still see the fun of it, but after 3 days and my parents are still suffering with no electricity and running water, and the forecast of things getting worst, it is so NOT right!!! Of course, my parents are still the fortunate ones. I mean there are people who are worse off, our neighbours for example who I heard have taken refuge in our house. My cousins also took refuge in our place 2 days ago and perhaps today as well. I suppose their parents are persistently staying in their flooded house just to make sure things are alright. You don't want people to go and rob your house, hence the persistence if you are wondering.

Imagine now as I am writing this at 7 pm +, imagine Jakarta, flooded and no electricity. It's dark, that also means your fridge is not working, which means whatever meat or vegetables you have in your fridge will most probably get spoilt. I heard from my mom that there are people coming in the raft and bringing them food, like biscuits and being the typical Indonesian (we love our instant noodle), they are also getting instant noodle. To live with instant noodles for days, you're gonna get sick. Then there's also no water, so they must really use water wisely, and showering is really out of the question. It's also not like you can go out there and buy food. I also imagine that it gets quite cold. So for all you God believer out there, can you say a little prayer for my beloved home, so that things will get better. This makes me wonder if I can go home in less than 2 weeks time. I will be so miserable if I am stuck here for Chinese new year. I also feel a bit bad that my family are suffering there and I am not there with them. I often feel like I miss out on the many happenings with my family, especially with my mom. As such, it really makes me wonder if I should be here *sigH* Please say a lil' prayer, peeps.

I had lunch and Starbucks chilling out session with the circle of trust yesterday. We had a complete set yesterday. Ms. J and I were actually discussing some days ago that coming into it we would stand united and not divulge some of the shocking things in our life. In the end we let it all out. Well, I was most worried with awkward silence and so some scandalous information must be revealed for the sake of having a conversation. I regret saying some of the things that I said. As bad as I am for saying this, but I have a big apprehension that the circle of trust is as strong as we were. Paranoia is building in me. As luck would have it, NanSee called me yesterday evening and we touched on an issue that I shared with the circle of trust. She said I would be so dead if I disclose it, and I did, and she totally thought that I had made a mistake. I think she's right. Seriously, I am so paranoid right now *sigH* Anyway, Metallotorto gave a good analysis on Ms.J's situation. You do need to hear it from a guy's perspective.

Starfish finally called it quit on Friday. I had my doubt that he would do it and he did. So now, I should really take the leap as well. I was so nervous for him. Seriously when I saw egg came, I think I blurted "shit!" and my heart was beating faster and my hands were getting colder. I didn't expect to be nervous. I'd always thought that there's nothing to be nervous about, but turns out it was nerve-wrecking. Starfish handled it really nice actually, it was really amicable of him. I don't think I would care that much. Around 2 weeks ago, he wrote such a touching post in his blog that made me teared a drop. I said goodie bag, he said basket *sigH* It was really comforting to have him in the same boat. It's really comforting to know that he shares all the frustration and feeling on unfairness that I also feel. I think we both managed to put pressure on egg last year. Yes, A4 was the one who did the talking and pushing but I think since me and starfish stand united, things are better for the pets now. I think I actually didn't do much, because they were more frontal than me. So I kinda fly under the radar and yet I also gain the profit. People weren't there when we first started, they weren't there to see the struggle we had when we there were just us and we were trying so hard to cover all our basis. He has been smart and helpful and I am just thankful to be trusted enough by him. I feel he has been treated unfairly but I hope what I think will come true.

Take care peeps!

LATEST NEWS (added 08:38 pm) - My mom just sent me an sms. Our house is flooded now, it's around ankle length in our first floor. They are moving up now. This is definitely the worst flood ever.

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