Went to watch Step Up with Vivy today. Been a while since I last seen her and since I'm leaving, we should at least meet and catch up. I didn't expect much in going to watch Step Up. I was somewhat interested in it because of the dance theme but I do wonder if it was good, compared to Take the Lead for example. From the trailer, the leads weren't that exceptionally beautiful and handsome either. However, my oh my, the male lead played by Channing Tatum just attracted me He reminded me of Wentworth Miller (maybe because of the shaved head), but of course Wentworth is way too handsome but Channing (why do they all have weird names?) was interesting too, perhaps because of man! He can really dance! Looking at him, reminded me of a fact that I have established to many people, which is: I LIKE TALL GUYS!!! Aaaahh, seriously tall guys just have something in them which would definitely make me examine them Yeah, I know it is silly About the movie, the dances were great The music was also cool. Story wise was as expected, nothing new there. Someone got killed and died, maybe they were trying to make it more real or to have some depth in the movie, but I kinda feel it was a bit unnecessary. Don't make easy thing complicated? Is it worth watching? Well, for some brainless entertainment, I suppose so. I think the dances and the music are worth watching.

So today, the movie was in Vivo city. I went out with my glasses. FYI, I do not go out in public with my glasses (well actually I did, back when I wasn't introduced to contact lens) but today I decided to do so. I suppose, I just wanna try what my life would be like. I mean without perfect eyesight, glasses are parts of my life, so I thought I should just experience going out with them. Another reason was because I somewhat wanted to hide? I guess a lot of people know me without glasses, so perhaps if I should meet anyone today, they might not recognize me with my glasses. I didn't meet anyone I know today, well I don't know if anyone I know saw me, but this glasses story is not interesting, isn't it? Okay, how about a story about lunch? Lunch was at Earl's Swensen where we got a nice place to sit with a good view of Sentosa, but I think that's the only best part of lunch. The waiter was nice, but then he explained to us the restaurant funny policy on their salad bar. I was ordering roast chicken which got me free salad while Vivy's chicken franks didn't come with the salad. First the waiter asked if Vivy wanted to change order because she wouldn't get the salad (we thought we heard him wrongly when he asked that) and then he told us that there's no sharing of salad allowed, which means me who do not eat vegetables can not give my salad to Vivy. I said "How weird". In which he went on with stories about how a family only ordered 1 thing that came with the salad and kept on refilling the salad bowl for the whole family until his manager called a meeting to instruct all the waiters to tell their patrons about the no sharing of salad allowed. Raise your hand if you think this is freaking stupid. Hello?!? If your salad bar is so exquisite that it can cost you loses, then stop the refill policy instead of telling us that there's no sharing of salad allowed. Can you imagine eating something and being told that you can not share it. Imagine, imagine, it's so stupid and silly. The food itself wasn't that nice. My roast chicken happened to be tough and was still a bit bloody at the joint *sigH* I think the normal Swensens have better food. I don't know how their other foods are. The spaghetti looked interesting, but I don't know if it's really good. Dinner wasn't satisfying either. Today I didn't really eat well *sigH*

Yesterday, I had a surprising news for me. Very surprising, considering it was very unexpected. I didn't know how I felt when the news was delivered and I still don't know how I feel. The interesting part is perhaps me not making plan to move on and yet a plan was made for me. I am not sure if I can do it, but if God brings you to it, He will bring you through it? It does get me thinking of a few things. However, I think I should not think so much, because things can always change and a lot of changes are happening. On other part of my life which the Mr is perhaps very skeptical in, I just want to say "Okay, it's done. I'm gonna let go now or at least try to let go" and it seems like the timing is conducive to do so.

Every second chance begins with a first step.

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