A Good Year

Went for dinner and movie with the Pradas yesterday to celebrate something. Was it much of a celebration? Dinner was at Secret Recipe, I'm seriously not so keen on this place, however it was a convenient choice at that time. I don't think we had a satisfying dinner. Had a good laugh with the card, how it was so random. It's pretty funny how something that we get for someone to make her happy can make us giggle in the process. Well Done, Missy

After dinner we went to watch A Good Year, starring Russell Crowe. It's about this cutthroat business man who got a chateau with a vineyard in France from his dead uncle. The story was pretty typical, there's a girl, a family, and all and how this man turned into a better person by the end of the story. Not a bad movie, interesting lines, good casts, good story telling. I was not so keen on Russell Crowe, because he is not exceptionally handsome but I must say that he is a good actor. Freddie Highmore played the younger Russell Crowe. When I first saw him, I thought this boy looked familiar and turned out it's Freddie (Finding Neverland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). Oh dear, how he has grown tall. Tall and scrawny boy. I just love this boy. His best scene in this movie is perhaps the tennis match with his uncle. You know that it's almost a month since I last watched a movie (the last one was The Departed on October 14), somehow I feel it's way too long for me.

Not having a good week this week. In addition to my computer almost on fire, I lost a few things (which cost me money!) *sigH* Was told that I was short tempered. I am not denying it, but I just feel sorry that it is. I should have controlled myself better. I should be more patience and I should love more. Aah...really not having a good year, but I can not blame it on the cosmic power that be for all my unluckiness and all the bad decision and move that I make. It's still me who react and make the move. Just finished sending a mail to the Mr telling the truth, the whole truth, which noone knows. Vivy will know too, I guess, but not yet. Don't really have the time to meet her just yet. Ah ... I should say less. Seriously Eka, trust noone, or at least trust noone that is near? Maybe why I can trust the Mr so much.

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