Sono Malata

Got myself sick over the weekend. It's pretty weird, how when I sneezed on Friday afternoon, I knew I was gonna get sick. Maybe I really know my body? Was tossing if I should miss my Saturday engagement but in the end I decided to go because I supposed it was the right thing to do (I couldn't really trust myself with the reasoning of why I shouldn't go). Lunch with Vivy was cancelled though, I just feel it would be a waste of roast chicken if I ate it with me not feeling well. Didn't get the chance to see the doctor on Saturday. In the end made my way to the doctor on Sunday because my throat was still killing me. She gave me a few medicine. My nose is still pretty weird, throat is okay though (I love antibiotic!). Getting really annoyed with my nose but I suppose I have to get everything bad out. If only they could get out in an easier manner.

There were days when I wished I could just get sick and stay at home. Strangely today is not one of it. Not that I'm very sad about missing something. I guess it's because I'm weird? It's just when it happened on someone else, I think I wouldn't be too pleased so for me to cause it, well...I'm just feeling a bit guilty about it. But I really need the rest. Feel like in hibernation now. I doubt that it would do me much good though especially to face tomorrow, but better something than not. Had my dose of Oprah and Jamie Oliver and having Sesame Street now. Will be getting another Oprah later on. I'm wondering if I should sleep. Maybe I should. It's a hot day outside and as usual I feel like I'm wasting my life away doing nothing. Triste!

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