Benvenuto Mio Caro

I don't know if the title is correct. I just want to say welcome. Welcome to me, who was sick really bad last week and still in recovering mode right now. Welcome to mio caro, vaio, that I picked up this evening (I wonder why I assume my vaio is male). Apparently my vaio's lights just died hence why I got a very dark screen. It happened with flicker, flicker and it just went blank (well not really blank, if you stared you could see the hills). Anyway, the customer service guy was quite nice on Saturday. He put my request as urgent and hence why I got it back today and he still remembered me when he saw me today All in all, I think I was emotionally okay when my laptop fell sick, I suppose it because I was sick that I didn't have much energy to spare to think of other things. However, I did feel emptiness inside of me when the guy took it away from me on Saturday. I'm just happy that my dear is back.

Finally had the lunch with Vivy on Saturday. We had it at Marche HMV which apparently had turned into Vil'age. I hope I got that right. I don't know, it seemed it was nicer when I first went there years ago. Anyway, Vivy is so cool. She won some Microsoft award. Some people get cool award and some people are just trying to get by, like me I suppose. I hope when she finally win a noble prize or become minister of technology or something, she would remember me. Seriously, some of my friends are really so freaking crazy, they are doing cool things that make me rather...well, I rather not say. Oh yeah, I bought Sergio Mendes - Timeless cd on Saturday. It was meant for someone else initially, but I decided to give it to me to comfort me. The album is nice. I love it, except for the collaboration with Justin Timberlake. I don't know why I don't like that one. On other people, the Mr has a spacious cubicle which I hope has already been furnished now. He had a series of unfortunate event last week, but I think it's nothing compared to me who always seem to be having something bad happen on a weekly basis. Anyway, with the Mr's commitment, he couldn't really stay up late to talk to me, so now I don't get to talk to him everyday. So far it's still go alright, but I think there would come the day where I feel sad that I can not throw my tantrums and emotional burst to him *sigH*

I didn't really write much in my last post. Just wanna say that these few weeks I had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with some new people, most of it are guys who took me by surprise with all the kindness they show me. Ha! I guess sometime I feel guys are just insensitive and they don't make the effort to care about their surrounding, or perhaps I have been hanging around the wrong guy? Talking about guys, I stung like a stingray last week. Why do I use that metaphor (is it metaphor?)? Because when Steve Irwin died, the Mr was emailing me about it. At that time, I didn't know any people who actually really like (a fan of) him, turns out there are. Back to I stung like a stingray. I don't know if the guy is okay. Maybe he is. Anyways, Ms. J said long time ago to just leave the boy alone. So alright. I have no regret saying what I said. Actually I already kinda toned down what I wanted to say. It's pretty interesting how things just happen or don't happen

I'm gonna stop writing soon. Life has been ... well, I'm still not 100% well. Still drinking cough medicine. I think I had too much medicine, not enough food (especially last week) that my stomach is always felt funny. However, the world doesn't freaking care about me. I'm having neck pain due to stress. I'm trying not to stress or kill other people, because they don't deserve it. I'm tired and I'm not smart but my brain has to think. I hope things wouldn't haunt me in my dreams later (they actually did earlier this week). I have some boys who I have to look after, but they kinda get abandoned now. There's nothing to do but pray because noone can help me other than God. Amen!

ps: More than anyone right now, I really do wish that the Mr would believe in God.

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