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Today is Saturday, started off pretty bad (in my opinion). Gosh, I wonder if I should continue with what I have been doing. Seriously I don't feel worthy enough. I should try harder? *sigH* Met a certain someone that we had been hoping to see. Kinda different from what we expected but seemed pretty bubbly and perky, so I guess that's where the charm is. Oh how love is interesting

Had a ramen lunch with the Nachos. Gave the ramen boy all the things that I had been keeping for him. Ramen is not really my kind of food. The fried oyster that I had was interesting because I just didn't get how the tiny oysters turned into those big lumps. They tasted adequate, but I think the lovely oysters could taste better.

After lunch, we went to watch The Devil Wears Prada. Go to June 2006 archive to find out what I think about the book. Basically I wrote only a few lines for it because the book didn't have much to tell. I was wondering how the movie was gonna survive. After watching the movie, I don't think it really survived. I think it just barely made it, or perhaps didn't really make it at all. But by watching the movie, at least I found out how on earth they managed to craft a movie out of the book. Basically they just changed the whole thing. I think the movie is more of taking the characters from the book and making a whole new story for them. Meryl Streep played the devil in Prada, Miranda Priestley. First of all, I think it's just too easy for them to style her hair like Cruella de Vil. You straight away kinda get the feeling that she's the bad person just because of the hair. I think she's not really that evil as Miranda. In the book, not much human emotion was shown from Miranda but in the movie, there were a few moment, but again they did change the whole story line. Anne Hathaway is of course pretty, I think she has really big eyes. Her boyfriend, oh dear I want to complain! They changed his name and his job, making him some kind of loser. But I still like Adrian Grenier who played the boyfriend, though I think he should really shave. The other guy, Christian, was not that handsome. I actually kinda pictured that Nate Berkus (know him just because he appeared in Oprah) would be physically the right person to play Christian Other things to say? The drama towards the end of the movie was much better than the book because of all the bitchy and working politic things. However the part where Andrea quit, the book was much better because I feel it had more punch Okay, that's all about the movie.

I finally have my glasses today. I actually wrote about this but didn't get it posted, so here's an extract about my glasses. So Tuesday night, I was getting ready to brush my teeth and so I got up and lo and behold, my left lens just dropped from my glasses, to the floor and broke. The last time my glasses broke was in April and so it was happening again. I couldn't believe I was still stunned and in disbelief because hello Eka, unlucky things happen to you, remember? Live with it! So I went to Pauline (the optician), she's so nice that I feel I need to be on first name basis here In a matter of minutes, I chose 1 frame that I think I like. I didn't really care, I just chose one which looked interesting, though I can't really say it looked interesting on me. I think deep down inside Pauline was surprised with my ignorance. It cost me around S$100 plus. Wanted to say damn! and complain because I needed to spend that much money but after 2 days of sticking with my contact lens, I'm just happy I have glasses now.

Not really having a good week, but again since unlucky things happen to me, I suppose I shouldn't be surprise and just get through with it. Along with the unposted writing about the glasses, I also wrote (cursed is a more appropriate word) about an ass. Felt pretty lonely when the ass bullied me this week. I keep on reminding myself since for some time now that I should trust noone. I just feel that I am the only person who can be there for me. So no matter if people said that they would be there, in truth is that they are maybe not available and what right do we have to demand that they really be there for us, because it is a blessing to receive and you can't demand blessing. I guess people would also feel bored and frustrated hearing me complain all the time. At one point, I even felt that the Mr was gone to avoid hearing me. Again, it's perhaps my acute paranoia, but I don't think it's beyond him Be in good health people. I am happy if you are happy (Seriously! Not trying to be cheesy here). I just want to be happy and in peace. If I don't get it, I hope you do. Take care okay. I really really really hope that things are good in your side of the world. That's all.

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