Thank Your for Smoking

Went to watch the movie in the title with Vivy today. I didn't even know about the existence of this movie. Vivy told me and I was wondering if it was a documentary. Didn't feel like wanting to be that alone today and saw from the paper that the movie is out so I asked Vivy if she was still interested. To be honest, I was actually more drawn to The World's Fastest Indian but Thank You for Smoking had better review and any form of entertainment was welcomed. Vivy amazingly obliged on the short notice. So we met up for the movie. The movie was really good and I like it so much. The story is basically about this person whose job he proudly said as a lobbyist (a cooler term for a PR person). He basically (though indirectly) worked for cigarette companies, telling people that smoking does not kill you. The story progressed to how his life turned when a newspaper article really exposed him the way people wanted to see him. I am not one who condone smoking. In fact I often tell people to stop smoking, however I love arguments and this lobbyist is just so charming and right. How can one be right when he's telling you that smoking does not do you harm? Well...I suppose because his argument is interesting, logical, and again right.

It's all about choices and in the middle of the movie I got to thinking about lots of thing. He spoke about moral flexibility when his son asked him how he could do what he did. Interesting, very interesting concept. What got me thinking is that to live a righteous path according to what God wants, is moral flexibility even an option? Coincidentally this was an issue which someone talked to me to this week. He felt that as a Christian, he could and would still do the wrong things and how he didn't like being pointed out on why he did or said certain un-Christian things just because he's a Christian. Moral flexibility would allow you to accept or understand what other people do even if that means it's something against your principal. Our main character, Nick Naylor, gave an example: just like a lawyer can defend a child killer, because no matter that the killer is guilty, he still deserves a fair trial and a lawyer's job is to defend people. Example from me, moral flexibility would allow you to live in harmony with gays (without even a shudder or analyzing on why they are gays) and so on. I wonder if I give the correct example, but the whole thing was interesting for my mind.

The ending was actually rather "good" but I suppose Nick was still as "lobbyist" as he was. Love the movie and glad I got to watch it. Didn't know what to expect when I went inside the cinema but it turned out to be one of those very good movie. I seriously wants to work with words. Seriously...Please God help me.

Italy VS France on Monday morning, South East Asia Time. Technically I'm supposed to be backing Italy, but I've decided to stand behind the French instead. I want to see Thierry Henry scores and if possible Trezeguet too, at least see him on the pitch. The newspaper articles today do not seem to be behind France though. The sport commentators seem to believe that Italy is gonna win. So we will just wake up and see.

The week had been going not amazingly pleasant after Tuesday. So many emotional things. Had an honest talk with Vivy during lunch and just finished emailing the Mr. I found myself trudging down the hill just when I thought that I didn't need the brake. I'm like injured now, but I can still be saved. I believe so, just need to step on that brake harder from now on. On other note: starfish told me part of his morning talk with Martini. Man, I was pissed and sad for him. I hate people!!! Stupid people. I guess I just have too much anger in me? Should be doing my blog design now, but it's pretty late. Been spending the night writing mails and now here and I haven't even written on my diary yet. Seriously considering going home for a long time in November. When I wrote a long time, seriously mean a long time. I don't know if it is possible or if my dad would allow it. I know mom would understand but dad is a bit different. We'll have to explore the possibility or maybe I should let it be an argument rather than negotiation. I actually think I use argument a lot, but I am still not that skillful *sigH*

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