The Swensens Dinner (again)

Had dinner at Swensens yesterday with the Circle of Trust people. I'm seriously amazed that this group of people still care about giving that time just to catch up. Swensens again *sigH* I really wish that we could eat somewhere else. My msn nickname yesterday was: Look out! This bitch is so anti social today, and one of the peep in the group sent me an sms in the middle of afternoon and told me to chill and promised me that we would have a good time later on. She was right, in return I spilled water on her lap (mi dispiace!). In the end the "monkey" was very happy. So good job peeps. Due to the time differences that we have now, I ended up reaching my room at 10:40 pm. That actually makes me the earliest to reach home. So I miss CSI and another thing that I promised someone I would watch, so sorry. Quickly took a bath and tried my darnest to sleep by 11 pm +. It was tough. Didn't have a good sleep.

Woke up at 3 am to watch the German VS Italy match. To be honest, I tried my best to just sleep it off with the TV on (I was so tired and not exactly that fit). I still knew that it was 0-0 all the way. Was planning to be awake for the penalty kick but alas 3 minutes before the match to be ended in penalty kick, Italy scored. A minute or so after that, Alessandro Del Piero scored a goal! I am so happy for him. He's looking more handsome without his curly hair and obviously he was ecstatic. Then this morning started with a one-line email from the Mr saying that he's given up on football. He was very hostile because German lost. It was totally unexpected. As much as I like Italy, I thought German gonna win world cup this time around. Tonight's plan was to drug myself with cough medicine so that I could sleep soundly (it's all about quality instead of quantity) and wake up later on for France VS Portugal. Obviously I am rooting for France. I'm worried, but they did beat Brazil. If they win it will be a final I wish but never expect to come true, Italy VS France. When that happen, I don't know where I'm gonna side.

On a small note: the Mr told me to step on the brake. I wonder if the brake works. Then I found myself not actually falling down that cliff, so I think it is okay? Or in a way I did step on the brake? But looking at it, stepping on the brake seems rather harsh, but the Mr has his very strong points. Nonetheless, I did something not logical today. Kindness is unexplainable? Ha! I don't even really believe that. Just received a call, I guess wrath regardless where it comes from, male or female, is bloody scary when it is released. It's gonna be tough and it may change a lot of things. Take care peeps! Breathe!

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