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Went to watch Superman Returns today. Alone, against the saying of the Mr and Dewi and Vinny? I wonder why they said I shouldn't watch alone. Is it the whole anti social thing or safety reason? OSH did ask me if I was interested weeks ago, but he didn't come back and ask me again and I was too lazy to ask. I just take his not asking means he found other people to watch with, so I crossed him out of the list. Then there's Ms. J, but she couldn't confirm that she could watch it today, so I am terribly sorry, I went ahead and watched alone. Superman felt rather long for me. I should start with saying that when I saw the poster of Superman in the bus stops, I kinda feel that his face is pretty surreal, like not really that human (the lack of human-ness?), but he's an alien anyway. So the movie feels like a painting which you kinda have to see deeply and try to figure out what's the real meaning in it. It's unlike your normal no-brainer Fantastic 4 for example. I guess, they try to make it more philosophical like Batman Begins? Anyway, I survived it, I guess most part is because Superman is so handsome, though some people say no. Give it time people, you gonna find him so handsome, though the small curly part of his hair at that front is way too cheesy. The movie was filled with beautiful people. Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane was really beautiful. She's actually very young but she seems so mature there. Then there's James Marsden playing her fiance. It's truly pay back after seeing him without much lines as Cyclops in X-Men. His character in Superman is nice, a real nice guy, clean, neat, and handsome. Tossing between him and Superman here Then there was the adorable little boy, Lois Lane and Superman's son. He's so handsome, cute, and loveable. Kevin Spacey as Lex was too manic. Normally a villain can be captivating, but I don't like his portrayal of Lex. Maybe I am just too drawn to the Lex in Smallville. So should you watch it? As the Mr say, you should, because this is one of the summer movie you shouldn't miss. Otherwise, you wouldn't know what the other kids are talking about

Feel like I need to dedicate a paragraph to the Mr. Just finished writing an email to him. Was tossing between writing here first or writing to him. Ended up writing in my diary, then him, then here. The reason why I wanted to write a paragraph about the Mr is because in his last reply, he gave me a real time account of the German VS Argentina match. Of course not real time, since I only read it a few hours ago, but for every kick in the penalty, he wrote it down. Got an email from Widad today in which she forwarded a mail about how one can be a close friend now and so far away friend the next year, something like that, I am sure you know this. With that and the Mr's email, I just got to thinking that it's so amazing that I am still talking to the Mr now. Currently he is the only person other than God who knows everything that's going on in my life and what I really think. Of course not everything but I think 75% of everything, for some part he even knows more than my diary. My best friends do not know this much because there are just so much you can type in an sms before you realize how expensive it gets, and they are so not wired, so it would be faster hoping for a reply through the normal mail rather than email. He said I didn't bitch that much, but I feel staying awake at 3 am in the morning hearing a girl rattling about her stupid life is just not right. Unless you are a college student, you shouldn't do that, especially since he has something else and he didn't count as a college student. It's a pity that the other Mr is so busy for us. Anyway, I want to say the Mr is like a brother but it would feel weird because he is not used to being the older brother and I am not sure having him as an older brother is that nice. He's a friend? But with all the wisdom talk, which now I really follow and expect to hear in time of trouble, the Mr is a shrink and a life coach at the same time Laughing now? Okay, I better stop now before he scolds me for being sentimental. I am so thankful that I have that 1 person +1 to confide with, with every hit that come my way (+1 because you should know why Mr). Maybe I trust him that much because he is so far. I doubt things would be the same if he's nearby.

This week feels like it went by so fast. I noticed that the week was filled with a topic that appeared in every breath; morning, afternoon, lunches, sms, msn. It's freaking silly because without this topic, I think there's practically nothing for us to talk about. What topic is it? I better not write it because people read this. Decided to start a mission earlier this week. Maybe a futile effort. I can't even promise that I could stick to it, though I pointed out that I did manage to stay in bad situation for a long time. When I told people about the mission, they all responded the same way, "WHY?!?". They know why, they understand why, but they couldn't make themselves do it which I totally understand. You asked me this last year, I would agree with them. I don't understand myself why the change of mind. Maybe because being depressed sucks?

This week, another personal topic came to my head also. Should not think about it that much. Should really get it out of my system and think about things that actually matter. There's no time for it now. I should start moving before my time is up. I hope God would just open doors, but somehow I feel that He's not doing it this time around. Please help me God. Is my post too abstract? Will get back to you most probably on Wednesday. Take care peeps!

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