Nacho! Nacho! Nacho!

Went to watch Nacho Libre with the brokebackies today. Thank you peeps! Why do I say thank you, one asked. Well because I normally turn down a movie invitation and now when I wanted to watch one, you guys were willing to accompany me. So muchos gracias peeps! For those of you who do not know for reason being that you are perhaps more absorbed to the latest happening in the world, such as the Israel-Lebanon situation or maybe you are just not into pop culture, Nacho Libre is a comedy produced by Nickelodeon starring Jack Black. I think it's a must watch because of the fact that Jack Black was in it. Love him so much in School of Rock and the trailer looked promising with his brilliance in comedy. So the verdict is:

Nacho Libre was hilarious and perhaps rather a bit too short. We were laughing so much with each scenes. Nacho Libre is about this friar who was raised as an orphan in a monastery in Mexico. When he was young, he had much passion for becoming a wrestler. However being raised in a monastery, he ended up becoming a friar/cook. The monastery had orphans living in it. One day a beautiful nun came to teach the orphans (the nun is really so pretty!). Actually the nun didn't effect the story much, but she was the reason for some funny moments. Our friar, Nacho, met this guy Esqueleto, a homeless who stole Nacho's nachos for the orphans Nacho ended up recruiting him as a sidekick for wrestling. They lost every single match they'd been but Nacho won the very last one

Jack Black is of course funny and oH how he can really move his eyebrows. This kinda reminds me, perhaps other than Jim Carrey, Jack Black is the only actor in the world right now who can mould his face for unbelievably funny expressions. I love the innocence friar lines that he delivered, the whole Mexican accent saying very American conversation. I thought his sidekick actually had an Indonesian accent! So that was kinda weird and in a way funny for me. The sister, I need to say again was really pretty. Jack Black sang in the movie and that was so School of Rock moments! The whole style was such a reminiscence. I want the song that he sang for the ending and yet it's so difficult to get it. I would totally recommend this movie to anyone. It's a really funny, you would be so entertained! Story wise, it may be rather too little and straightforward with not much value and moral message but this movie is really purely for having a great laugh. Jack Black is brilliant! Brilliant! He is Jhonny-Depp-Jack-Sparrow brilliant!

Now get ready for some other stuff which gonna be quite long. Sugar cane left us yesterday. I am honestly sad about it *sigH* Saw the sadness and frustration in his early days. Didn't really talk to him back then because he just seemed quiet and obviously wanted to get out. One fine day, when noone was around, he invaded my place with postcards, staplers, and pieces of coupons and I kicked him out my place and we got to talking, bitching to be more exact. Well, how that really got us bonded. So he kept me company when there wasn't anyone around and I'm totally grateful for that because I didn't feel so lonely with him around. Such a nice boy! I was actually told to look after him when his friend left and it didn't come as soon as it should be, but I'm really thankful that we really got to talk, and he got to talk with the rest and I guess his stay was becoming more bearable after that.

Been in the topic about love this week and last week and gosh how I am so skeptical about love. Really, I am! People may not believe me when I say that. They may think that I am a hopeless romantic, but I am really getting skeptical about love. I was saying some love songs were stupid and the question that came to me was if I had anyone, which I don't. I guess maybe when it happened to me, then I would say differently. I just hope I wouldn't be so stupid as to think highly of a jerk.

Friendship was another issue that came these few days. Someone is pleading for compassion, as I know she would. I just knew it! Oh well dear you have heard me saying it many times and I guess the fact will remain like that. Things have changed and I guess whatever the changes will be, we would still be in the circle together? I don't know. We will just have to wait and see.

Mom repeated what I told her weeks ago, to my surprise. That would mean that my parent are actually putting what I said into the agenda. However, it is not up to them. God please, open the door for me for I can't do it on my own.

I love Oprah and had the chance to watch her a bit and was thinking why do Americans are always pictured in the movies as needing a shrink or therapist. Then I got to thinking because they need to talk to someone and the truth is they don't have any friends? That got me thinking of me. My therapist would be the Mr. He knows everything! At every bump it is him that I call! Even at this very weird state of mine, he is the one who knows everything, the history and the story behind it. I wonder what he would say because everything is spiraling out of control and I am scared for so many different things. I don't know if things are worth it. What a bloody tough year! My emotion is fluctuating all over the chart and I just want to be released. I don't have much time, much energy, and much brain power to think about all the different issues. I just want to see the cloud from above again.

o o O x [hug hug big hug small kiss]

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