Captain Jack is Back

From the title, surely you know what I'm gonna talk about. Went to watch Pirates of the Caribbean : Dead Man's Chest with Vivy today. I have been looking forward for this movie since I found out that they were making a sequel. After watching the first movie, I didn't know that a sequel was in plan. Let me just tell you a little something about my experience watching The Curse of the Black Pearl. I was in Indonesia, I was home for a little relief or perhaps soul searching. I've told my mom I was planning to go out and watch a movie alone. My mom suggested bringing my cousin along. At that time, she wasn't really that confident in me doing things alone. So I asked my cousin if she wanted to accompany me. It was quite unusual (we didn't usually hang out much) and she said yes in a way which made me feel that she's so nice. I was looking for a certain movie but it wasn't playing in Indonesia at that time. So the plan changed to watching Bad Boys 2. Upon entering the ticket counter, we just detoured to watching Pirates of the Caribbean. I wasn't really sure why. Anyway, I quite remember a few things that happened that day. My aunt drove us to Taman Anggrek. We had lunch before the movie, in which my cousin ate Ramen. The movie was unexpected. Knowing me, film about Pirates is not really my thing but Captain Jack Sparrow just captivated me. I thought he was freaking cool. I remembered coming back to Singapore, writing Captain Jack Sparrow is so cool (Y) in my msn nick, and the best part was that the movie wasn't even shown yet in Singapore when I was back. Anyway, back to the point of me telling you this non-important stuff is that how I miss my cousin. We are not the closest of cousin, but I had that day to remember off. We kinda bonded, because cousins are family and we suppose to have each other's back. Things have taken their turns in our life. You know it's weird if you think that everything is in God's plan and there's a reason for everything. How can you see a reason in bad things? Sure you can say there will be sunshine after rain, but currently I don't know how things could be good again (I guess we were never that exceptionally good?). My cousin is married now, with kid(s). I'm not sure if I should put the s in kid. So you should be able to roughly figure out how things are reading the previous sentence.

Back to Dead Man's Chest. It was good. 2 hours plus for the movie, truly not a disappointment. However, I feel it wasn't as witty and as full of twist as the first one. I think the Pirates movies are never the ones to pretend that it's all good and everything will end happily. There were some gory scenes, well perhaps only in the opening scene. I think what's so smart about the movies, are the unexpected, witty, funny, and surprising moments. The witty, unexpected, and surprising moments were not that much in this sequel. Some things are expected. The sequel had more actions, that's for sure. The threesome sword fighting was cool. Davy Jones' crew were a bit unclear for me, couldn't really figure out what they were, except for the obvious one. I feel that Orlando Bloom's, Will Turner, took more charge this time around. I think he had more screen time. Keira Knightley's Elizabeth was the way she was, I suppose. I don't really like her kissing scene with Captain Jack. I don't think it was necessary. Captain Jack is of course the reason why I watched the movie. I think he's the reason people should watch the movie. He was so brilliant in the first one. In the second one, I just feel he didn't have much room to show his nuttiness, maybe a bit in the scene where he was the tribal's chief. He was the way Captain Jack is. I still love him. I still think he is so cool. I guess it is difficult to be better than the first movie because you lack the novelty and surprises but the sequel is not bad. I like the new characters being introduced, like Tia Dalma, the shaman (I can't really find a better word to describe her). Story wise, I didn't really like the ending. It seems it was obviously made like that in light of another sequel. Of course we know that Captain Jack did not die, I would rather it was shown that he was alive and vowed to take revenge on Davy Jones. I have to make a confession that the English conversation kinda made me confused because at times I just couldn't get the words that they were saying. It is really rather sad to not understand a conversation or to want to say so many things and yet not having the words to say it

All in all, you need to go and watch this people. It's part of the summer movies you need to catch. The movies that I need to tackle next are Nacho Libre and The Lake House, which will kinda mean, it's next week and the week after Hey, I just put a smile there when today is actually a bad day. I lost my watch in my own room! How can one be so unlucky? So unfreaking fair. Why God! I'm quite sure I had it with me yesterday. I think I even saw it this morning. I only noticed that there's no watch in my wrist when I was going out this morning. I searched my desk then and after I got back, and it's not here. I don't know where it is. Why God?!? Why?!?!?!?! I'm pretty pissed off.

*sigH* maybe I should talk about something else. How about some Italian soccer? My Goodness! Juventus, Lazio, and Fiorentina got some serious punishment. It's quite sad really. Of course, now all eyes are on which direction the players are gonna move. Read in today's paper that there are some names possibly going to Arsenal. So it's gonna be pretty interesting. Still, I'm pretty sad about what happened to Juventus but I suppose they deserve it? Take care you peeps. Hope your side of the world are so much better than mine.

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