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You know in your life how you have people coming to your life and how it is so amazing that in their short stay in your life, they make such an impact that your life is changed for the better and you are just thankful for the presence of these people. It is amazing how you could know a person only for a little while and yet you have grown much love for this person.

I thank God that I could still have the Saturdays that I have cherished and treasured for quite some time. There were changes as expected. I was somewhat prepared but it was still sad when one particular person was not there. Looking back, the time we spent together were not really that long but I grew to respect, cherish, and love this person. One of the nicest person I've known, funny and simply great, considering the way we are. All these times, people come and go but this one really made me sad. Maybe because compared to the rest, she spent more time with us. The changes are not bad actually. Things are still good and I am sure I will still have fun, however it's just a lost. Maybe it is for the best that we didn't actually say good bye. I don't think I would have cried, but surely I would be broken-hearted.

*sigH* Thank you God for letting me know and have this person in my life, though only for a while. Thank you for what she brought to my life. Bless her and her family. Take care of her Oh damn! The way I wrote that is like the way I write things in my diary [talking to God]. Not good! But at least, there is no name here and I wonder how many people got it right. Anyway, I wonder if I also ever make such an impact to other people when I leave, the way this person has. I suppose it's a learning process and a working progress to learn to make an impact on other people lives.

Wrote a paragraph about someone else but I decided to delete it because I don't want to be questioned on non important things. My tummy feels funny now. Another day pass by. I feel like I am wasting my life away. I feel frustrated. Life shouldn't be like this. You should go to sleep feeling good that something happen, but nothing happen in mine, not that I try to make something happen. Something is so wrong!

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