Just My Luck

Went to watch Just my Luck today. The choice was that or Guantanamo Bay. I decided that I didn't want something heavy hence why the pick to watch Just My Luck. It was actually a lovely day, but I made a mistake of not organizing my time well that I didn't spend much time outside. How I wish I could go back to those days, pretending I had no worries, spent a few hours in Borders or Kinokuniya, drank juices from Orange Julius, walked down Orchard road all by myself. Not actually the happiest days of my life, but now how I wish I could do it again.

Just My Luck was okay. I still feel that Lindsay Lohan was too young to play this kind of character. 2 persons from the O.C also starred in the movie. The only entertainment there was watching Chris Pine's handsome face when he was lucky. Honestly, the movie is a no-brainer. It should be entertaining and easy to swallow, but I found myself wanting it to move on with the story as fast as it can. I wonder why it is so hard to amuse me. I guess, I am really really mentally wrong right now.

Hear, hear. I cried when I was watching the trailer for The Lake House, the latest movie by Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. I cried over a trailer! Imagine that! I can't explain it myself, except that the movie is so sweet that I would definitely gonna go and watch it. Gonna watch Nacho Libre too, because I think Jack Black is so cool. Spent Saturday night watching School of Rock. I had a good laugh. Seriously, it is one of my favorite movies ever! Okay, go back to the topic of crying. Cried when I talked to mom on Sunday night. She didn't know and not because of something sad. I just had tears coming down my eyes. How to explain it, I don't know. I guess I am just not alright and I wish I can be at home where there's no trouble. Anyway, told mom what I wanted to do. She laughed at it. I wonder if she's okay with it.

Didn't do much shopping today. Suppose to use this Great Singapore Sale period, but I didn't really buy things. Saw a very big Diddl, almost half a meter tall. I was like so...so...so awed! It was white, with rosy cheeks and ears. Wanted to tell people that I saw a big Diddl. Wanted to send an sms to someone actually, but since we are not really keeping in touch, I didn't do it. Maybe I should just do it. Anyway, went inside the store. One of the store keeper was a young guy who was rather too friendly that I felt weird. This is because as an anti-social, I don't react well to someone who is too friendly, but I do think that he was a nice guy that I gave him my biggest smile and thank you.

On the way home I met Darren at Dover MRT Station. Nice surprise. He was sniffing and all with flu. Apparently Lady Grace is in town. As much as he wants to complain, I am sure he is happy that she's here. Finally learnt how to play spider solitaire, but still can not win the one with medium difficulty I just realized that Vivy wrote sympathy for my loss of Vinny So sorry! I kinda receive the same question this morning. I am overly dramatic I suppose. When I said that Vinny is leaving me, that means he is around 3-5 metres away now, rather than the usual half a metre. Kill me now, peeps

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