Everyone Changes But You

I can go through with you the whole life sucks kinda thing, but I think you have heard enough. Been hearing people my age are getting married. It's seriously incomprehensible for me. I guess people are really moving on, building their lives while it seems that I am putting my life on hold. I am waiting for thing to pass and hoping for things to happen, which is stupid. I honestly think it is stupid, but I suppose as much as I want to deny it, it's just so easy to throw excuses for your laziness. What am I to do? It's not something that I want to tell you, but I better start doing, construct plan, and start preparing to say good bye to some people.

Had a haircut today. So that's one change to myself that I did. Just wanted to do it. I thought my hair was getting too long but now it's rather too short that I can't really tie it anymore Can't wait for it to grow longer. I think longer hair is more practical, you just tie it up. I feel like doing more changes, like changing the layout of this blog, but I haven't had the diligence to actually do it. I did change my diary though. Well, maybe not actually change. I finished the 6th book, but I haven't started on the 7th one. I think people are a bit surprised that I keep both a diary and a blog. I've always been writing people. Actually, I think I threw away my first 1 or 2 diaries which recorded things in my primary school life. I started the diary before I knew how to type. The reason for keeping it going is Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I stumbled on the books when I was in junior high. I was totally drawn into the story. The way she described in details what happened in their lives was amazing. She could describe what they had for dinner in such detail that I felt like I was there. Mom said I loved to watch the movie when I was young, Sundays in TVRI, but I couldn't remember it. Mom told me that because I was watching the re-run again when I was a bit older. Everyone now know her story, even her grandchildren children later on. All because she wrote. Hence why I write, to leave something behind when I am gone. If God willing and I am to be married and have kids, then my kids will get to know the crazy me The diaries are just traces of me. If I don't leave anything else behind, then there would always be those books (unless there are fire or something like that).

Went to watch The Omen today with Vivy. Actually I wasn't that keen on it but I thought it's good to spend the Saturday doing something. Though the spending of the money part is not so good (afterwards we had quite a dinner in Country Manna). I really can not take scary movie. I covered my view in some of the parts. Behind us were these few teens, the kind that you would find in an international school. Crazy and moron them, they were talking a lot. Shouted loudly and laughed a lot. So disturbing. It's like this: *not-that-scary scene* then they *screamed at the top of their lungs* then they *laughed their heart out because they thought when they screamed it was silly*. At the climax of the story their were doing this: *shocking scene* then they *screamed loudly* *breathe* *screamed loudly* *breathe* and so on, until around 10 times. My goodness, it was so annoying!!! I hushed them at the beginning of the movie but apparently that didn't help at all. Anyway, The Omen was so-so. Story wise, it wasn't so strong. I hated the ending so much and I think I would really refrain from watching scary movie.

World Cup is starting. Dozed off and decided to sleep during opening match last night. My only source of World Cup soccer broadcast is being interfered by Starhub, stupid! It is a shame that a normal local TV in Singapore which is supposedly rich can not provide live broadcast for the World Cup in Singapore, while Indonesia can. I think Singapore should have more tv station. They must promote more of local productions. I think Indonesian TV should cut off on their local productions on the other hand, because many of them do not have good quality.

Rarely talk to the Mr these days. Maybe busy with things and parents? Got reminded of the other Mr because of World Cup and Singapore idol but I see no point calling him out because he would say he was busy and would call me later, in which he had never done what he said he would *sigH* A new week is starting. I hope it would be happier. Currently I don't want days to pass. I wish I could just stay in today until I am ready for tomorrow, but it is not happening. Take care peeps!

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