Take the Lead

Went to watch Take the Lead today with Vivy. Good movie, love it, really love it. I think it's slightly on par with School of Rock but I think School of Rock is better. Or should I give Take the Lead some credits for being inspired by a true story? If you ask me why I compare movies, well because I can't help being reminded with movies I have watched before.

Take the Lead is really good, though the story is pretty predictable. Vivy said the story was not too deep. I agree, but I think it was highly entertaining. I suppose after the more-highly-stimulating-in-the-brain movies, an easy-to-follow ones are very highly welcomed by my brain. I love the music, dances, stories, everything about it. In the process of downloading the songs now

Antonio Banderas was cool. Old but he was really cool and a real gentleman in the movie. Is he really that old? I don't know why, he just seemed so old, which Vivy pointed out, he is The stories were not about one particular character. Each of the individual had something to tell. Even Banderas' character Pierre Dulaine wasn't really in the spotlight that much. One of the prominent main male character was Rock, played by Rob Brown who when I saw him, he just reminded me of the main character in Finding Forrester. Indeed he is. Somehow he just seemed so much bigger. Totally a different character from what he did in Finding Forrester but some of the serious lines just gave him away. It was way too similar. Towards the ending of the movie, Rock came in late to the competition and he wasn't properly dressed and Pierre gave him his suit, which amazingly fit perfectly in Rock's body when obviously he was so much bigger

I actually kinda really like one of the character, Ramos. Though, he was such an ass. The guy who played Ramos, Dante Basco, is actually 30 years old! Goodness, playing a high school kid. I was thinking he actually kinda had an Asian look and I was right. He is of Filipino decent. Okay, what else to tell? Go and watch it. Be entertained. My only regret is that there was no scene with Banderas dancing to hip hop music

About me? Bad thing happened but I am trying to stay calm and waiting for things to develop before I start crying. Other than that, I feel so OUT OF PLACE! I feel like...I'm just gonna use the words that I think is right though it may not be right...I feel so unknown, so weird (for once I don't take pride in saying I'm weird), boring (definitely). I just don't know so many things and I don't feel like getting to know such things but why do I seem to be keep on stumbling to people who are in a different playing field and that's not the worst part people. I feel like I should go to that level, which I don't want. Noone is pushing, of course. As much as I feel I am weird, I only need to look at Dewi, Emilia, and my cousin Marlisa, to know they are in the same league as me and as much as it is comforting but I feel like, I am missing out on a whole different world. Not that I wanna go there but most of the time, I know things but now, I just don't know so many things and I feel so damn out of place. Time to go home? That's another weird thing. People were surprised when I told them I'm gonna leave Singapore. Oh people, people...realize, yours truly is not Singaporean. This is not home. Maybe if God willing, it would be but so far it's not yet and I always want to go. So I will. Too much about me. Forget what I am saying, go watch Take the Lead.This one is from the tagline. Not that I try to console myself. Again, Happy Easter, peeps


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