Inside Man

Went to watch Inside Man today with Vivy. It was good, though was not as cool as Ocean's 11 or 12. I think (I am not sure), Clive Owen is handsome! Well most of the time, he was masked, but when he wasn't, I was just so drawn to him. So just now I was browsing for his picture, and people go here to see that handsome guy. I seriously think I begin to like older guys more. Oh well...

Inside Man as the tagline said "It looked like the perfect bank robbery. But you can't judge a crime by its cover." It was good, smart movie. The ending how noone was found not guilty was also good. But still for me, it wasn't as cool and suave as Ocean's 11. I like Clive Owen's character, Dalton Russell, because he was just nice The movie was bleeped a lot when the characters said the F word. Gosh, they should just let this be. Seriously what harm can an F word make. Compare this and showing people making out. You think which one will rear more damage to the young ones that they "try" to protect. Anyway, one of the scene showed Clive's character executed one of the hostage to show that he really meant what he said. Funnily, even though I gasped, I knew that the execution must be a fake one. So in a way, I think the movie didn't really manage to fool the viewer that well. The Indian song that opened and closed the movie was rather weird for us. However, all and all, I still like it. People should go and watch it. It's good.

On other news. Arsenal is going to the semis. I am so proud Should continue praying. It will be tough for them.

Then, last Friday, I was told that I had a choice. It was pretty weird. All this time, I condemned the idea of me having to take what people decided for me. All this time, I wondered, how come they never asked me what I wanted. Finally, it happened. I was asked what I wanted. However, knowing I had a decision to make, I was actually shaken and rather depressed and basically down. Weird. I roughly know what I want. I wonder if it's the right one.

If you were deserted in an island like the Lost island, where things sucks but then you knew 10 months from now you would be free, then what would you do? Just hang in there for 10 months? Or tried to make the best of that 10 months? Yeah right! The island is not a paradise. What's wrong with just getting by? I need someone...

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