The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

That was the title of the book that Vivy lent me. Yes, it is long. I myself contemplated of using it as the title of this post. The book was written by Mark Haddon. It tells the story of this 15-year-old boy, Christopher, who's really smart. He had a photographic memory, however, I don't know what word should I use to describe it, so I'm just gonna say he's very particular and detail. He did not like yellow and brown which means, no banana, yellow cars are bad, and so on and so forth. He did not like his food touching each other, so tomato on one side, bacon on the other and so on and so forth. He did not like being touched, even by his parent. No hugging. To say they love each other, they spread their hands so that the fingers would touch each other, but that is if Christopher felt like it. If he saw many red cars in a row, it would be a great day. The contrary with yellow cars. It may sound weird, but he thought it was weird that we could wake up feeling sad with no particular reason or felt that the weather make us feel gloomy. So I kinda like the his idea of what makes a great day, because it is simple and feel a bit more logical? (I am weird, but think about it people). Tried it once, I was counting red cars as I was sitting in a taxi.

So the story started with Christopher finding out that the neighbour's dog, Wellington, is dead. To be exact, it was killed. So he was on a mission to find out who killed it. As he investigated the mystery, it led to another secret being unfold. The truth about his dead mother who apparently was not so dead afterall.

The book was nice and it really made you want to read more and more. I wasn't sure if it was intended for kids, because there were a lot of cursing. It was rather too smart for me. All the discrete maths parts were too difficult and brought back bad memories. Geez, being smart is cool. How I wish I am smarter. So with this book being done (long overdue), I am currently reading The Devil Wears Prada. Totally a different style and story of book compared to the ones that I had been reading lately. As usual, progressing really slow, but I am sure it's gonna get really interesting as Dagi said.

So it's Good Friday everyone. My mother bothered to send me an sms this morning to make sure I had woken up and she told me to get some exercise. I told her I was in the computer. She's wasn't that pleased. Yeah, I'm a lazy bum Anyway, got up from my bed at around 09:30 this morning, which was seriously the latest time I've been getting up since a very long time. So far nothing interesting has happened yet, which I'm sure not gonna happen either. Haven't had my breakfast yet. Ooh...I just yawned Yesterday, I actually went to church, though I was late. Haven't been to church for a long long time and God knows how bad and stray I have been *sigH* Anyways, the low sugar level kinda make me rather queasy now. So, Happy Easter everyone. God bless

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