Return to the West Side of a Small Island

Back. I am back, to this west side of this small island / country. As always, I was having a post-coming-home depression. Reach my room (technically) on Monday because it was sometime pass midnight. Tired. So tired. It was raining quite heavily when I arrived and the taxi uncle (Gosh, so many of them did this to me) didn't help me to unload my stuff. Come on, I'm a girl, it's late at night and plus yesterday was raining, can't you get your ass off your seat and help me...Geez!!! Okay...better stop bitching now.

This time around, home was nice, however my bro was around and he's an ASS. There I said it and I'm sticking by it. Was not planning to bitch about him, but Gosh...I just can't deal with him. How he ends up the way he is, is so beyond my brain. He's boastful, inconsiderate, disgusting, and shows no respect! Okay, gonna stop bitching about him. I don't want to waste one paragraph for him, a waste of words. The days actually felt that they were moving in an "okay" speed. Not too fast, unlike what normally happened with times at home. Chinese new year was okay. TV was not bad. Love Oprah so much; she's so cool. Most of the time, she made me cry though. Love the return of Spongebob and Patrick but when they took over TRL slot, I felt a bit sad. Watched more VH1 than MTV, because MTV Indonesia is not really showing all those MTV things anymore, like "cribs, MADE, pimp my ride" and all. Perhaps they did, and me being only a week plus there, didn't really see much. Back to the "Nick Toons", I miss The Rugrats. I wonder if they had stopped making Tommy and Chucky. I love Arnold too and glad to see him, though he's speaking in Indonesian Actually, I didn't really watch much of them, which makes me wonder what did I actually do with my days. Did get to go to the dentist and spend more than half a million of Indonesian rupiah, but my defense is that no matter what it will still be cheaper in Indonesia. Got a lot things fixed and cleaned but still have (according to the doctor) urgent situation with my wisdom teeth (2 of them up there) *sigH*

Again, Chinese New Year was okay. Didn't really go out anywhere. I don't count barbecue-ing with the aunts and uncles as a Chinese New Year thingy. The barbecue was not bad, I got to see some interesting plants in my uncle's place. Too bad, I didn't have my camera with me. Went out with the girls once, the girls as is my dear cousin Marlisa and Dewi. Didn't get to see Emilia until the end. I'm pretty speechless about that. Anyway, finally get the chance to see Idrus too when I went out with the girls So good too see him and so great that we all can still talk as usual though we haven't seen each other for a long time. Seriously, I am all for him and Dewi to be together. I think they are good for each other This support is despite of if Dewi has someone, it will trigger one panic button (one left). Anyways, if it is meant to be, it is meant to be right? Talking about Dewi, she finally read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and praise the Lord that she also felt that Snape is not evil even though her interpretation of Dumbledore's last words is different that mine. Snape is not evil people!!! He just had to do it.

Okay, I am drifting again. Actually had a new year resolution this time around. How weird is that. Having my new year resolution on Chinese New Year instead. As many of you all know, it is the year of the Dog and for people who have Dog as their Chinese sign, it is not such a good year for them and one of those people is me. The way my mom and dad reminded me to constantly pray makes it seems like a catastrophe is gonna happen to me and so I am starting to feel rather weaken mentally. So this year, I decided to just take it easy. Take everything in and less bitching and speaking my mind. I decided to take breaks when I want to, to just don't care and just take a breather. Also on the list is to diet. I feel that I did gain weight back home. I can not stop chewing things, even when I wasn't hungry. My parent was kinda surprised to realize that I really can eat, especially meat. However, there are so many chocolates and cookies in my room that really need to be gone ASAP, more urgent than my diet *sigH* Today, I actually think that being in Singapore in itself already make me shed some weight since I don't really like / want to be here. This morning, as usual I woke up earlier than I have to, something that never happened back home. I supposed so much things just reside in my mind and I don't know why they are there and how to get them out. Someone pointed out recently and quite frequently that I was so "not-relax", so tense. I don't even know how to answer that. So many things are just inside my head, I suppose. Okay, I think I am done with my summary of home and the return to this small island? Oh yeah, supposed to go to our primary / junior high school bazaar back home, but Dewi decided that she wanted to take a nap. So we didn't get to see our teachers, not that they will remember me

PS: Oh dear, forget to mention this one important bit. Received my first birthday present for this year. It's from the girls. I don't know what it is 'cause I promised that I won't open it until my birthday. However, from the shape of it, it's not a wallet (which I secretly want. Never mind I will find the one that they gave me on previous birthday). It seems like it's some kind of a jewellery.

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