4 brothers

Watched 4 Brothers yesterday. Didn't have the chance to catch it when it was out in the cinema. Totally a good movie, I love it. It tells the story of 4 adopted brothers, 2 whites and 2 blacks (none really related at all) who came for their mom's (adopted mom) funeral. The 4 kids were really bad growing up that noone wanted to take them, so this lady being the kind-hearted saint she is, took the 4 boys and they really grew up as brothers (wish I have people who have that much loyalty to me as these brothers were). Anyway, they found out that their mom's death wasn't an accident, she was killed. So the story revolved about them finding out who's been messing with them and getting revenge.

I was already teary eyes from the beginning of the movie, because it was rather sad. Then the movie take a funny turns hearing this 4 or perhaps 3 brothers chasing every clues (the other 1 brother was a family man that wanted to leave all the investigation to the police). The movie was straight up the way it is. They really shot and killed people and people did die. So it wasn't really a make-you-feel-good or touching movie about the love of this 4 brothers to their mom and to their siblings. The ending wasn't all that happy itself. I was very sad when one of the brothers died. Overall, it really is an ass-whooping movie I need to say this, Andre Benjamin is a bit too Andre 3000 for me, maybe just the way he stands or his body language. I seriously think his costumes were a bit too Outkast-y.

Had a real bad start today and still in it. I hope not for long. Arsenal lost, dear God! *sigH* Don't really know what to say. I want to get lost...well if the rest of the world is not going to get lost for me, then I better do.

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