Made it to the airport on time, but this is truly the rushest time I've been in catching a plane. Memoir of the Geisha was beautiful. To you all, that I rush myself to write this.

Happy Chinese New Year

PS (added in the small corner of the bamboo garden): Had a bit more time, so let me elaborate. The plane supposedly to fly at 06:05 pm and I only left Clementi at around 04:45 pm. The taxi driver was fast and very nice (he unloaded my things). Then found out that the plane got delayed and will be leaving at 06:35 pm. The changi internet connection is not so superb and I can not do internet banking here (I think they hadn't downloaded the java whatever thingy). To the Mr, sorry, didn't manage to email you (honestly it was on my list). Managed to talk to the other Mr this morning, but I guess he was rather concerned with his C. Okay, I am going to breathe now, all these rushing are so bad for my body, I am dehydrating. Take care you all Oh yeah, poor Arsenal!

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