2006 Kelabu

I am back, dead tired and now officially sick. To add to the misery, was told a shocking news this morning and it totally adds weight to my dislike being here, Singapore in general. However, I must admit, being back home this time around did show me some of the things that I really don't like about home, the things that really make me wanna go away. Still, I don't wanna be here either. I am seriously lost and totally not at peace and alarmingly unhappy. Dewi has admitted of being worried about me. Infinite depression. Detailed account of the holidays will come soon with the pictures, hopefully I will have time to do it before next week. Thank God for the public holiday next week. Thank God! It's only a few more weeks before I go home again and yet, yesterday I felt like crying in the airport. Oh the melancholy. I don't know if I am gonna survive 2006. Was reminded time and time again that my Chinese sign will go bad in this year. Signs have been appearing. On a happier news, a friend got a baby boy. Too bad the dad is an ass for not giving some time for me. Oh well...Later peeps.

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