On Trying to Draw

Yesterday (Saturday) was kinda overwhelming. All due to the fact that I just spent S$369 on an airline ticket. Can I just remind you again that I just spent S$430 recently. So anyway, it was my fault that I didn't make my booking earlier. One and a half month before departing is kinda too late. What's more saddening was that not much airlines fly to Jakarta anymore, so options are kinda limited. The only comfort I suppose is that my other booking is quite okay

Saturday night was spent trying to draw. Actually I didn't really draw the pictures myself. I seriously couldn't really draw. In the end, I stopped at around 1 am but then my body didn't want to sleep so I don't really know what time I ended up sleeping. All the while when I was doing the drawing, I was thinking I'm just such a fool for willing to do this. I am a fool, a stupid fool. I begin to really feel frustrated about myself. Still have a lot of things to draw But I suppose I shoud really try this before I tell people to do it. Oh yeah, I also managed to solve a problem that bugged me all through Friday. My blood still boils thinking about that. Still feeling very angry, still want to shout and really say mean words. I suppose all the rage was what caused me not to solve the problem faster. Even the Mr couldn't really help, I suppose it's the case of staring far too long on a closed door instead of making our own hole. Anyway, I had the idea a few minutes before Survivor Guatemala on Friday night. Then I tried it yesterday night and the whole process was truly painless. Less than 10 minutes and we are running fine. I felt so good about myself. But still, this feeling good is not much greater than the rage. I am still freaking angry!

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