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Posting this will remove my emperor penguins off the page, bye-bye penguins Going To write this in points, because there are just so many scattered things in my brain.

1. Had a taste of my S$ 430 expenditure today. Truly not as what I expected it to be, someone will get disappointed. Was so nervous and anxious about it. Woke up so much earlier than what I wanted to this morning, all the while I was praying to God so that it would be okay. Was in doubt again yesterday because my cousin, Marlisa, raised the same point as everybody else. But it's all done.

2. Never realized and expected that English had influenced me a lot. I wish I can be more Indonesian. I hope I can be more Indonesian.

3. Woke up early and had a not-so-nice breakfast, not due to the food but this got me thinking. There are people who we think are so unfriendly, mean, clueless, or perhaps simply moronic but somewhere out there, there are friends of this person. People who may actually like them so much. So I was thinking, that despite of what we think, sometime in life, they may have done something right that make someone truly grateful and thankful to have these kinda people in their lives. But, how I wish I can see that good side to make me really think kindly of them. It's pretty hard. I am really beginning to have some mean thoughts for some people.

4. I find it so freaky that I can know what font type is being used for a text written somewhere. That's freaky!

5. Really becoming friends with the Bengawan Solo auntie in Tiong Bahru plaza, who I think give me more of everything for my ice avocado.

6. Need money...money, please. I am setting up Eka's Fund for a New Laptop. Care to donate? Well, I couldn't possibly give out my number here, but my email link is there on the left, so please contact me if you think my computer or me has ever done you good I know 2 people who are interested in donating, but I haven't seen the money yet

7. A friend's baby turned 1 today, and yet I haven't seen her. Kinda embarrassed when my mom asked me this last year. But, an even sadder point for me is that someone is going to turn 2 next month and yet I also have not seen her since she was born. To think that Singapore is so small. I guess the divine intervention is so huge that we never cross path.

8. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie is coming out next month, I should be clearing my desk but am still so lazy to do so. Coelho is still unfinished, I am so freaking lazy. Should start carrying it around. I actually want to go through the Goblet of Fire again but I don't think I will have enough time.

9. Used to said that I was so interested in Literature and how I wish I could study English and Literature, but I have been reading somethings lately and I start to think that I have no inclination in it. That is so sad, I don't know what I should do with my life. So tempted to say maybe I have done my share of life. Okay, someone will shout at me if he hears me say that. I guess when I say I am so tempted to say, I will end up saying it anyway. I wonder if I will be so much happier or perhaps complete if I go home and live with my parents.

10. You wouldn't understand how tired I am mentally.

11. Actually wanted to see him again which I don't understand why. I know I wouldn't get as much happiness as before. Go back to point 10, I blame that for my mood swing.

12. Think I'm gonna get sick again soon I blame it on the changing season and some unexplained things. Really beginning to think that I may be stupid.

13. Brian was voted out from Survivor Guatemala last night. I wonder if he is gay, but I actually really like him. He really reminds me of someone, a guy who I also wonder if he will be gay. I think he's a good guy, well-liked, smart, hardworking, a good friend, and I feel he's quite a gentleman, well at least (perhaps) on the right path to be one.

Okay, that's 13 for you, let this so-called unlucky number stay with me like before. Take care you all. I miss my mom. I wanna go home. Going home is tough.

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