How Far Is Heaven?

The title is part of my msn nickname now, taken from the song Heaven from Los Lonely Boys. I actually do not know what to write, but I suppose one should try to update one's own blog.

Last week. Actually cried a bit because of a boy. It was amazing that I cared that much. I seriously found it amazing that even without me having my PMS, I was able to feel sad on such small problems. I suppose if it made me cry, it's not a small issue. But still I don't want to pursue it any further. Last week also, I spent S$430 on something and No, not an iPod Nano, though it would be great if someone could buy me that Anyway, the effect of that spending will only be felt next week. I hope I won't regret it. Was excited when I paid the money but somehow I feel that things wouldn't be as bright as we always imagine it to be On other wish, I really want a new laptop. It seems this laptop is dying and I really should part with it. Hhmm...I should really back up my to daisy. Daisy as in my external harddisk. Before you all jump into your own conclusion, daisy is not my favourite flower. I like daisy, but I just like it as much as I like the rest. I don't have any favourite flower.

Okay, see...I don't know what else to write. Oh yeah, I have another blog. I was just surprised that the name wasn't taken so I took it and so far it has 2 posts. I don't know what to do with it. As you can see, this blog doesn't really tell you much about me. I guess so far you should know that I am an Indonesian living in Singapore. If you really pay attention to the whole page you may know how old I am, if you have been reading long, then you know where I studied and all. But not much actually been told about me or about the people in my world. As much as people want to argue that I can be so open about things but I am still an introvert by nature and I don't want or maybe I just can't reveal much about me or most importantly what I feel about people. I may not write much about the people who push my buttons but I do want to "bitch" about certain people and shout out loud about how moronic they are or how annoying they are and many other things but I can't because some people actually read this. Okay...I want to stop now, this post is getting more and more less interesting --> how funny is that "more and more less"

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