World Peace

Okay...think of a movie, what movie will pop to your head when you hear the phrase "World Peace"? I went to watch Miss Congeniality 2 with Vivy today. Wasn't planned. Wasn't that interested actually to watch that movie, but I thought I just needed to release certain tension and basically being plain crazy and follow whatever things that came in mind. So we had quite an expensive lunch but I felt happy about it and then we went to watch the movie. I actually really enjoyed the movie. It was funny, so much better than Hitch. I like Sandra Bullock. Her character was so not perfect but she's just an interesting girl. Anyway, I actually don't really know what to write. So sleepy and kinda tired. I finally got Les Choristes from Vivy. I'm so glad that I managed to get this movie, but I don't know when I will watch it. Don't really have the time. I also have 4 episodes of Friends season 10 that I haven't watched. Hhmm...feeling guilty to the person who gave it to me.

Champions league went sad. I think I'm jinx-ing the teams that I support. Actually I started wondering about this last year. The good part is, Arsenal is number 2 in English Premiere League. Below Chelsea, yeah that's sad but I'm just so happy that they are number 2, above other teams!

I guess it was 2 weeks ago Vivy told me that living happily ever after is on a day to day basis. I have heard of this before and it is so true. Not happy, but (was) at peace, and even that doesn't come every day, doesn't even stay sometime for some hours *sigH*

Current heart situation: stirred and shaken.

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