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I have finished reading The Da Vinci Code. Some time ago, a friend's nickname was somewhat filled with criticism about this book. He didn't write the title of the book. Of course me, being smart...okay sharp was able to guess that he was referring to The Da Vinci Code. When I first started reading it, I found the book to be very interesting, you just couldn't stop because each chapter left you hanging when you finished it, you just wanted to move on to know what happened. The book actually kinda gave me the creep. Why? People would ask. Well, imagining a murdered man, a murdered nun, a tall albino with red eyes, and a dark environment just freaked me out. The story was kinda interesting because most of it took place in a matter of hours. Of course, the controversial part of Jesus got married with Mary Magdalene was interesting too. I have to admit something was kinda shifting inside my head when I got to that revelation but in the end I still believe in Christ. I guess the book failed to change me, not that the book was meant to do that. I guess, for me, the book only suggested the possibility of Jesus getting married with Mary. It never suggested that Jesus is not the son of God, born of the Virgin Mary, was raised from the death on the 3rd day, and was raised to Heaven. I know all the things stated as facts in the book should make us argue all the things above, but for me, it is precisely that Jesus was a man, a common man, that makes somewhat the foundation of my faith in Christianity (if such ever exist) The thing is, Jesus was a man, a normal man, who I believe had the same fear as other. Yet, he was willing to die on the cross, knowing all the suffering that He had to face. That's huge. I believe in God. I need to 'cause I need Him. I can't go through my days knowing that He's not around to help me through. Back to the book. I like to say that Harry Potter is much better because my guesses for what happen next in Harry Potter is always wrong. But for Da Vinci code, man! I figured out the number to use to open the vault in the Swiss Bank. I could read the clue in the first cryptex and I'm not even a Harvard symbologist and also I managed to identify the bad guys. The little twist in the end kinda brought back the excitement of the book, but I guess in the end I just find the book not as much amusing and interesting as Harry Potter I guess, I just like Harry Potter too damn much

OsH thought I had a boyfriend because of my msn nickname No, I don't and not any time soon either (I don't think I'll be that lucky) He was so sweet when he said that he didn't want to see me be jomblo. Nice guy, I really like OsH. Hmmm...just finished watching Chocolat. I couldn't help laughing reading the cast at the beginning of the movie. It might be nothing, pure coincidence, but I like to think that God just wants to laugh with me Yeah, like God has so much free time to joke around with me. But I guess, God is the almighty, know it all, can do all, and He just wants to have some fun with me. Gosh! I love Johnny Depp Okay, need to sleep. Song of this weekend: Lazyboy - Facts of Life. Found it courtesy of Loucee

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