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Finally, watched Il Postino yesterday in Arts Central after talking so much about it, about the song, about Pablo Neruda. I even didn't watch CSI because of it, but I did catch a glimpse of Greg Actually I have to admit that I felt sleepy watching it, but I guess it was because I was tired. So what is my take on the movie? Well, this movie makes me fall for Neruda and I am still so interested with his works. Don't really like the main character, the postman. He made me realize that I like guys with more brain, stronger character and confidence in themselves. I'm not sure who the postman loved more, Neruda or his wife. In the end I sympathized his wife so much. But, his last gift to Neruda kinda redeemed himself. It was so sweet and beautiful. The way it answered what's the best thing about his home was just beautiful. It's poetic. Knowing that Massimo Troisi spent his last days working on this movie kinda enhanced the beauty of this movie for me. It's really about feeling it and believing and doing and expressing them all. What am I talking about? Anyway, I love the movie. Romantic, sweet, and poetic. Can't wait for my free time to read more on Neruda's work. By the way Neruda once spent time in places like Java, amazing! Why is it amazing? Well it's because he once roamed the same places that I roam now.

On other news. Had a small but very interesting and kinda enlightening talk about Christianity this morning. But the highlight of the day was a very touching phone call I received this morning. Maybe not that touching, but I was just being too sensitive. It's even more comforting when a friend said that I actually have fans Yeah, I am so vain. But really, it just kinda proves that I did something right. Okay this next one is of no importance, but I got to know this guy who sounds like Darren, talks and laughs like Darren and this guy makes me miss Darren. Oh yeah, yesterday was my best buddies' birthdays, Dewi and Emilia and I actually forgot about it. I remembered it only in the evening. Poor Dewi was waiting for my sms, thinking how could I forget In her words, thank God I wasn't that late. I actually sent something to the girls but Dewi said she hadn't received it. Now I start to think if I put the correct address. I really do hope that they will eventually get it. 23 and 24, Gosh! We are old.

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